Overcoming border discrimination

I am a die-hard University of Kansas fan. Inherent with that is a passion for basketball, knowledge of the evolution of the Jayhawk and disdain for the state of Missouri (I can sleep at night knowing the rivalry is reciprocal).

So then, actually liking a product that was grown within Missouri’s borders is fairly big news.

Recently, a friend brought me some fresh produce from the St. Louis farmers market. Hesitant at first, I was quickly won over by some delicious red bell peppers and a perfectly ripe avocado.

Having somewhat overcome my discrimination toward all things Missouri, I then turned my attention a Japanese eggplant that was included in the bounty.

My friend had been raving for weeks about Japanese eggplants. He claimed the flavor was even better than that of traditional eggplants.

I was skeptical, but intrigued. I hesitated as I passed by the Japanese eggplant selection at the local grocery, but just couldn’t bring myself to put it in my cart.

When my friend gave me the Japanese eggplant, there were simply no more excuses.

Enter: roasted Japanese eggplant and onion thin crust pizza.

Notes of significance: I love crisping up whole-wheat tortillas to use for flat crust pizza. Just before the first frost, I (sadly) stripped my basil plant and made an extra large batch of pesto to keep me through the winter. I froze the pesto in an ice cube tray, so I had convenient 1 tbsp. sized portions whenever I want.

Roasted Japanese Eggplant Pizza
Makes one serving


  • 1 whole-wheat tortilla
  • 1 Japanese eggplants
  • 1/2 medium yellow onion
  • 1/2 C baby spinach
  • 1/8 C feta cheese
  • 1 T pesto
  • Thyme, basil, salt and pepper for seasoning.
  • 1-2 T extra virgin olive oil


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Slice eggplant into 1/4 inch thick slices. Cut onion into large chunks. Coat the eggplant and onions in olive oil. Season to taste and spread out on roasting pan.
  • Roast for approximately 30 minutes, flipping once.
  • While vegetables are roasting, thinly coat the tortilla with olive oil. When vegetables are done in the oven, bake tortilla (still at 400 degrees) for approximately four minutes on each side, or until lightly brown and crispy. Watch closely and pop any bubbles that form in tortilla.
  • When tortilla is crisped, coat in pesto, cover with a layer of baby spinach, and arrange roasted vegetables. Top with feta cheese. Bake in oven for approximately five minutes.
  • Cut and enjoy all to yourself.

Reluctantly, maybe Missouri has something going for it… basketball season just can’t start soon enough! Rock Chalk!

One response to “Overcoming border discrimination

  • jqlee

    I just saw your post on Be Fit, Be Full. Thanks for sharing your story. Overcoming an ED is definitely not easy. I’m happy that you are making decisions for yourself now though girl. Keep up the progress!

    I’ve never had Japanese eggplant before. I do hear it tastes better though. I will have to try it one day!

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