A taste of home

A funny thing happened: After a two hour delay, a nine hour flight and a few quick-rail connections, I had convinced myself that I was pretty far from home.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto..." Yeah, I said it.

I heard a lot of German, saw a lot of unfamiliar buildings and felt a cool European breeze.

First view of Holzkirchen, my home for the next seven weeks.

Then I bit into lunch on my first day, and it was like I was right back home all over again! Corn cakes, in Germany? Not the first thing I think of, but tasty nonetheless.

In fact, every single meal here has been absolutely amazing. I haven’t had many options as far as meal choices, but I have enjoyed everything I’ve been served.

I’m glad to report that there is also much more to Germany than good eats.

Thanks to the dangerous combination of jet lag and adrenaline, I was unable to sleep. Rather than stay restless in my bed, I went out for a 5 a.m. run.

The temperature was perfect, the breeze was cool and the hills were just challenging enough.

After returning to my hotel, I was able to get a little bit of rest before eating the best breakfast ever.

The remaineder of the day offered no rest for the weary, as my group was shuttled through orientation, my corny lunch, a village-wide scavenger hunt and then dinner.

Finally back at the hotel, I crashed onto my bed like a tree in the forest. Wanting to adjust a little to my new timezone, I made myself stay up a bit longer.

Tomorrow I take off for a whirlwind eight day tour of Germany with my group.


*Disclaimer: I apologize for any incoherencies in my writing these next few weeks. Aforementioned sleep deprivation has strange, uncontrollable effects…


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