Let me hear your body talk

Apparently someone has been coming into my room in the middle of the night and stealing my trail mix. Or, at least that’s my story if anyone starts asking questions.

The truth is, lately I can’t be trusted around a good nut-rich blend.

The trail mix monster!

This is especially strange, considering that I’ve never been much of a trail mix fan.

When I was little, I was infamous for picking out the M&Ms. By the time college-induced frugality set in, I stopped messing around with trail mix and went for straight-up chocolate.

Then, not long after coming to Germany, I got a strong craving for a hearty trail mix. After having buying a standard nut-fruit-sweet blend, another funny thing happened: I bypassed all the chocolate and went straight for the nuts.

(Must… resist… joke…)

Still, it took me a few weeks of “purchase trail mix, devour nuts, dispassionately eat rest of mix and repeat” to realize there was reason to my rhyme.

When I’m home and in charge of my own diet, I am diligent about getting a good variety of protein.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much say about what is on my dinner plate since coming to Germany. Although I’ve been eating well, it just hasn’t been very protein-packed.

Note: The Germans aren’t too privy with tofu. I’m yet to see a single black bean. Even peanut butter is replaced with Nutella, which is it’s sugary, less power-packed cousin.

As a vegetarian, my protein levels have undoubtedly been sliding.

Yet, the body is a glorious thing. Even when I didn’t think about it, my craving for trail mix was sending me the subtle message that I needed to fit more protein into my diet.

Having acknowledged this, I am finding my way back to the track by getting more sources of protein.

Not only is it giving me more energy, but it’s helping keep that trail mix thief out of my room.

Question: Do you generally listen to the signals your body is sending you and satisfy your cravings? What do you find yourself craving the most?


2 responses to “Let me hear your body talk

  • Tina

    That is incredibly interesting! Our bodies sure do know what they need. I certainly attribute that to my cravings for meat while pregnant. It’s the need for extra iron. All part of why I love trusting my body. And trail mix is certainly a good food to go for! Yum!

  • Sam

    This is very interesting and makes a lot of sense! Love your blog…thanks for posting it on Facebook!

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