Spice girl

Despite my documented love for ginger, it wasn’t the first spice to capture my admiration.

Cinnamon is actually the spice that is actually nearest and dearest to my heart.

The love-affair between cinnamon and me stretches way back. When I was little, my family didn’t follow traditions too rigidly. But, there was one ritual that my mom and I would never pass up: Getting a hot ‘n’ fresh Cinnabon at the airport.

Even though I loved the buttery-goodness, the real highlight was the depth of flavor, courtesy the “cinna” part of the “bon.”

Since that time, I’ve continued to grow in my passion for cinnamon.

Last year, I even went so far as to carry a mini-cinnamon shaker in my purse. For emergency situations, of course.

Of all the things I love about cinnamon, at the very top of the list is just how much it kicks up even the most standard of foods. For example…

PB, Banana and Cinnamon Sandwich

Since this is so simple, it isn’t so much of a recipe as it is a guideline.

Just take some freshly toasted whole-grain bread, give it a good smear of peanut butter, top with banana slices and sprinkle with cinnamon (also known as: the secret ingredient).

I think Elvis just rolled over in his grave…

In other, less tasty news, after a hot and sweaty glistening two-hour walk yesterday, my friend and I finally managed to find the new mall in town. And, by mall, I mean the indoor space with three clothing stores, an “apotheke” (translation: pharmacy) and grocery market. I’ll take what I can get…

Which, in this case, is a new dress!

So, I was uncombed, make-up free and pre-coffee. At least the dress is cute.

Question: Do you have any “secret ingredients” that always seems to make a dish more special?


One response to “Spice girl

  • Joanne McCoy

    Emily, I love the post. Kind of embarassed to see that one of our “traditions” was eating Cinnabons, but I admit it’s true. I don’t think I can smell cinnamon without thinking of you. Love the dress too!

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