The best laid plans…

I don’t ask for much, really. After all, what teenage girl shouldn’t get to spend two months romping around Europe?

(insert sarcasm)

So, I figured that when I did ask for one teeny-tiny favor, it should automatically be granted.

“Dear God, please give me nice weather. I really want to explore Munich. Besides, I’ve been a very diligent student all week-long…”

Alas, I suppose that He saw through my loosly-veiled lie about my academic committment, because it rained today. We’re talking lots ‘n’ lots of water.

The day started out promising enough with moderate temperatures and a few clouds for my heart-pumping run and Pilates session.

However, by the time I was done with classes and free for the weekend, it was as if the sky had opened up.

Oh well. I was wasn’t going to sit around and cry about it. Instead of slopping through Munich, I decided to stay in town and do a little more exploring (read: eating and shopping).

First stop on the agenda was the weekly “fancy lunch” at a local Italian restaurant.

The consolidated menu we are given consists of: cheesy pasta, cheesy lasagna, cheesy pizza or the world’s most bland salad.

I hadn’t had too much luck with the salad in the past, so I decided to step out of the box and go with a veggie pizza.

All while I was growing up, I absolutely shunned anything with cheese (with the strange exception of feta). Therefore, pizza was a no-go.

Thanks to “taste bud maturation,” I have begun to accept and appreciate cheese. Therefore, pizza is an occasional yes-go.

Still, my general vision of pizza is something along the lines of a thick, doughy crust, topped with obscene amounts of cheese and enough grease for the cast of “The Outsiders.”

Thankfully this wasn’t one of those pizzas. Johnny, Dallas and Ponyboy will have to do without my spare grease.

Instead of a mound of dough with a few veggies, the crust-to-veggie ratio was pretty spot on. I was also happy to get some artichoke hearts, peppers, onions and mushrooms.

Content with my lunch and still determined to make something of the day, I went back over to the new mall in town to do a little “souvenir shopping.”

It was fairly successful, although quite hush-hush for the time being.

I felt satisfied enough with the day, so I turned in pretty early.

Tomorrow I’m going to Munich. Rain or shine.


2 responses to “The best laid plans…

  • Joanne McCoy

    Emily… eating pizza! My goodness. What has become of you? And I promise if you tell what kind of “souvenirs” you got I will close my eyes at that part of your story. Love, Mom

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