A few confessions

Aside from my recurring nightmare, there have been some other things keeping me up at night. Since I am really starting to miss this thing called “sleep,” I’m hoping a few confessions will help rest my mind.

#1: I admit that I’m single-handily responsible for ravishing my family’s supply of peanut butter.

Today’s assault of the PB jar was complemented by a bowl of oats, a fresh white peach and a good ol’ blob of jelly.

When my host mom wasn’t looking I may or may not have stolen an extra spoonfull, with a direct connection to my mouth…

#2: I admit that sometimes I worry my passions are wasted on things of insignificance.

When I spend so much time swooning about peanut butter and thinking up new recipes, it can be a little difficult to make room for matters of actual consequence to the world.

Nothing makes me more aware of my inadequacy than seeing the epitome of selflessness in the name of a cause.

“Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone.” -Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl was just 22-years-old when she was executed for participation in resistance to the Nazi Movement.

Her crime? Words.

“Die Weiße Rose,” a group of students and their professor, was responsible for writing, producing and distributing six anti-Nazi leaflets during WWII.

On Febuary 18, 1943, Hans and Sophie Scholl were caught distributing the sixth leaflet in the entrance of the University of Munich. They were executed just four days later, charged with treason.

Still, the beauty of words is that even when the author dies, the importance lives on. Today the members of “Die Weiße Rose” are remembered as heroes.

As someone who believes language to be the strongest weapon and the greatest gift, I can’t help but admire the bravery of “Die Weiße Rose.”

Yet, even with that admiration, I don’t know if I can imagine sacrifing so much. I wish I was brave. I wish I was passionate, dedicated and undeterred in standing up for what is right… But I can’t say that I am.

#3: I admit that I occasionally like to drink my problems away.

That confession may have been a bit misleading, considering that my beverage of choice today was actually Diet Coke.

Still, I sucked that sucker down in 10 seconds flat. I was always told that was bad etiquette, so I’m feeling a little guilty about that.

#4: I admit that sometimes I like to carbo-load, even when I have no real reason to do so.

With little interst in beer and even less in schnitzel, I had a pretty limited selection at the “Augustiner Bräu Bier Garten.”

I could have gone the totally healthy, über-bland route of a salad. I could have gone the cheesy, buttery route of Käsespätzle. Instead, I decided on a compromise of a baked potato. Not to thrilling, but actually quite satisfying.

(Note: I asked for the cheese on the side, but between my imperfect German and the table of 13 hungry students, I guess my request got lost in translation.)

#5: I admit that sometimes I like to be a little weird. I like to be a little isolated. I like to be a little active. I like to be a little goofy. I like to be a little tough… I like to be a little “me.”

And, maybe that’s something I shouldn’t be apologizing for, anyway.


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