Fill-in-blank kind of day

Some mornings I’m pretty sure that 6:10 comes earlier than on other days. Today was one of those days that my alarm was blaring particularly loud. It was also an…

“I could use an extra five minutes in bed” kind of day.

Despite my strong inclination to stay nestled in the warmth of my covers, I had a workout date with Rebecca.

The skies were gray when I headed out the door, but confident in my speed, I figured I could squeeze in a good run.

I guess I think too highly of myself, because it began to downpour right when I rounded the first corner.

Good morning, Sunshine... Sunshine?

By the time I got to Rebecca’s and was adequately drenched, I had lost most of my enthusiasm for an outdoor run. Instead we opted for a good “living room boot camp” session.

I swam ran back home, took a “legitimate” shower and got ready for the day, which just so happened to be an…

“Two cups of coffee plus a bowl of chocolatey oats” kind of day.

Generally I try not to have chocolate in my breakfasts until Friday. That way, the little extra sweetness is something to look forward to. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I went for the money shot with oats, Nutella, chocolate granola and a blob of jelly (for good measure, of course).

With oats in my belly, I dragged myself went to school. My umbrella was too small. I wasn’t so happy about a soaked backpack.

Starting my day off with a little roller coaster of emotions wasn’t exactly good for the ol’ patience. Therefore, it was an…

“I’m present in class, but not really” kind of day.

I did manage to get some good multitasking in, by simultaneously learning about German literature and writing a couple of post-cards.

After a while, though, my post-card stash ran out, so I had no choice but focus all my attention on class. Suffice it to say, it was an…

“I’m not too hungry, but I’m ready for a lunch break” kind of day.

Although I enjoyed my standard salad, I wasn’t particularly feeling the tortellini option. I ended up digging into my stowaway PB&J Larabar.

I’d been toting that sucker around Germany for the past six weeks, just waiting for the perfect opportunity. Generally I like the cheaper option of homemade bars, but today my $2 Larabar was well worth the price.

After lunch I had to head back to school for an afternoon film class. The good news was that the film, “Die Leben der Anderen,” is very well-made and interesting. The bad news was that there were no German subtitles and it was more than two-hours long.

Then sun still hadn’t made an appearance, so after class I did what any logical person would do and crawled back into bed for a while.

When I woke up, my appetite was raging (that always seems to happen after naps). I was chilly, a bit moody and tired, so it happened to be an…

“Give me comfort food” kind of day.

I was really feeling something warm and a little sweet. With a fresh apple sitting on my counter and a fresh jar of PB, I could feel my No-Bake Apple Crisp calling to me.

After satisfying my stomach, I was able to concentrate on homework for a little while and start on a new book. Then, before I knew it, is was dinner time.

I’ve been fortunate that my family is pretty healthy and very accommodating for me as a vegetarian. Still, dinner is the one meal that I usually have no control over. Today just so happened to be an…

“This is cheesy, dense and OMGoodness-delicious” kind of day.

We had a pasta-bake with a cream sauce, cheese topping and broccoli. I’m not much of a fan of cheesy pasta dishes, but today it really hit the spot. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with broccoli.

Now, I’m going to wrap up this post. It’s definitely an…

“I’m going back for dessert” kind of day.

Question: What kind of day are you having?


One response to “Fill-in-blank kind of day

  • Jessica @ lacesandlattes

    It was definately an early morning for me too! The rain doesn’t help either. .
    Kudos on the nutella never go wrong with chocolate. 🙂
    Thanks for the comment. I love you blog and definately will be reading!

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