Another day, another castle

Lately it seems that every time I get one step forward, I get two steps behind. Each day has been jam-packed with new things to see, taste and experience.

While I’ve been grateful for it all, it seems that it is finally catching up to me. Since getting back from Switzerland, I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and semi-sick.

Yesterday I would have enjoyed slowing down a bit, but there were places to go and people to see.

I started off my morning with a standard cup of coffee and an oats ‘n’ sauce mix.

For the oats, I cooked up some plain oatmeal, allowed it to cool a bit and then mixed it with some applesauce. I was going for a PB sauce, so I mixed a spoonful with a splash of milk and warmed it in the microwave for a few seconds. I think I overdid it on the time in the microwave and under did it on the milk, because it ended up a bit chunkier than I hoped. Nonetheless, it was still PB, so I wasn’t complaining.

After breakfast, I went down to the train station to meet up with my class. With have spent six hours on the train the night before, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the thought of another trip. However, it was our last real class trip before heading home, so I also wanted to make the best of it.

A couple of hours and a connection later, we arrived at the Chiemsee.

The Chiemsee is a large, freshwater lake situated between Germany and Austria. There are two main islands, the Fraueninsel and the Herreninsel.

Our first stop was the Herrseninsel, which is the larger of the two islands. Herreninsel is most famous for its two castles. The first, called the old castle, was a pretty modest building that was currently undergoing construction.

Inside I was immediately drawn to the kitchen. So typical…

After thinking about what I would do if I had that much space, I was called back to joining my class for a little history lesson.

Although the rooms were fairly unostentatious, there was a good amount of historical significance: In 1949 the constitution for the Bundesrepublik Deutschland was ratified by the western states. This began the true division between the West and East that would last through the Cold War.

The larger, more extravagant and more famous of the castles on the island is the Herrenchiemsee. Funded by Ludwig II between 1878 and 1895, the castle was designed to replicate the Palace of Versailles in France. Unfortunately, similar to Neuschwanstein, the castle was never completed.

Still, it is a pretty impressive sight…

Ludwig II really had a flair for off-beat, kind of bizarre designs. One of the trademarks of Herrenchiemsee is the array of unconventional water fountains.

We had a little time to burn before our tour, so we walked throughout the gardens, admiring the strange sculptures.

We had a guided tour through the castle, but unfortunately no pictures were allowed. I was able to get a close-up of the outside of the castle, though!

With a good amount of history for the day and grumbling stomachs, it was definitely time for lunch. We took another ferry over to the smaller Fraueninsel to eat at a nice little restaurant next to a Kloster.

I probably had my fill of cheese over the weekend to last me a while, but I really wasn’t feeling a big salad for lunch. That narrowed my options to some kind of pasta.

I went with the Dinklespatz’n, an egg-noodle dish. I asked to go easy on the cheese, but still ended up with quite a lot. I scraped most of it off and just enjoyed the still rich noodles.

Plus, I didn’t want to over-indulge on lunch, because I knew there was dessert to come.

Feeling a little nostalgic from the past weekend in Switzerland, Rebecca and I decided to split a Swiss Roll filled with ice cream.

Apparently by that point, I had used up all my good luck for the day, because it started raining.

I was fighting off some serious exhaustion, so Rebecca and I decided to cut our losses and head back for the afternoon.

I was feeling the full swing of sickness by the time I got home. All I wanted to do was crash, but my host family was nice enough to make me a good, light soup for dinner. It was exactly what both my stomach and my sore throat needed.

By the time I went to sleep, I felt much better. That’s a good thing, because these next few days are going to be one last push through finals before heading home!

Question: Slightly random, but all of the castles has me thinking about Disney. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

I always wished I was Pocahontas, but I actually liked “Beauty and the Beast” the most.


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