Hippyness is happiness

Sometimes I fancy myself a bit of a hippy.

I do go barefoot on occasion. I have been known to wear a few headbands that my friends cringe at the sight of. And, most of all, I love the concept of peace.

However, unlike most world-peace-advocating Miss Americas, my interpretation  is little less “global harmony” and a little more “personal tranquility.”

To me, peace is about finding personal balance and happiness in an otherwise uncontrollable world. Although this is not always possible, it is an ideal that I strive for everyday.

Some days, this peace is easy to find. Other days, because of stress or things beyond my control, peace can be more difficult to achieve.

On these days, it helps to have a little reminder to keep calm and find happiness. A tie-dye shirt would need too much washing and a tattoo is a little more permanent than I aim for. But, my trademark peace sign earrings seem to be just right.

These earrings have taken me through graduation…

Graduation pictures with my best friend, Katie.

The fun of college…

Halloween during my freshman year.

And, more recently, Germany.

Just when I feel like things are getting beyond my control, I like to step back, but on my earrings and breath. Before long, I am cool, calm and at least semi-collected.

Today was just one of those occasions when the peace sign earrings were necessary.

The past few days have been up and down with mix of sadness for leaving Germany, excitement to going back to friends and family and anxiety about school and work.

Even when I’ve found the time to take a break, there hasn’t been much slowing of my racing mind. Frankly, it’s left me exhausted, a little sick and a bit worse for the wear.

A run and Pilates session with Rebecca this morning gave me a bit of calm. Still, I decided to really seal the deal by putting on my earrings.

I’m pretty sure the earrings had an immediate effect, but my breakfast also helped.

Although I’m not usually a mean person, it was nice to take a little frustration out on an innocent apple. I started by nuking it to oblivion and then mixed it with oats, PB and a bit of muesli.

Devoured immediately.

After breakfast I headed out for school. But, it wasn’t just any other day of classes… It was my last long day!

Literature and grammar flew by. Before I knew it, it was lunch time.

School officially ended for town kids last week, so we were the only ones occupying the cafeteria. This came with the upside of a bit of quiet, but the downside of an even more limited food selection.

Apparently lettuce is an optional salad element, so I just went with a good blend of tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and red peppers, topped with a drizzle of herb vinaigrette.

I had part of one of the pictured circular tater tots and one of the rectangular potato and cheese fritters. Then I gladly gave my left-overs to some of the more ravenous boys.

I finished off lunch with a little quark and banana parfait.

Film class ended on a high note with “Good Bye, Lenin,” a semi-comedy about the end of the DDR and East Germany’s transition into capitalism.

With the roll of the credits, class was over for the day. I came home ot work on the last of my class essays, take a break and, most enjoyably, take a nap.

Dinner with my family went unpictured, but it was a tasty mushroom and cream sauce dish with a side of a vegetarian schnitzel. Admittedly I was a little wary of the schnitzel, but it was pretty good.

My host mother explained that she’s been experimenting with dessert, so tonight we were treated to mint-flavored quark. It actually tasted like partially melted mint chocolate chip ice cream. Therefore, it was delicious.

Now I’m in the day’s final stages of catching up. Looking back, I’d say that my earrings did the trick… A little reminder of peace goes a long way.

Question: Do you have any ways that you remind yourself to keep calm?

Writing is also a big outlet for me to express my emotions. Even if no one ever sees the words I scribe, it’s still nice to get down on paper.


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