Excuse to celebrate

What do you get when you combine a couple of professors, a few bottles of wine and a reason to celebrate?

Answer: Good times and a lot of laughs.

My host-father is also the coordinator for the host-families in Germany and he has been involved with the program for more than 20 years.

Apparently it is an annual tradition to have a wine and cheese dinner party in commemoration of another successful session of study abroad. Usually the party is held after the students have left. But, this year one of my professors is leaving at the same time as the students, so the party had to be bumped up.

Therefore, I got to be the first student to experience what really goes on at the legendary party…

With my host-mother frantically cleaning the kitchen, prepping the food and setting the tables, I knew the event was going to be pretty special.

With the bread cut, the cheese sliced and the dinner prepared, it was time for the party.

All we were missing was the wine…

Fortunately, my professors arrived around 6:30, toting a few bottles of Germany’s finest vino. No time was wasted in popping the corks and pouring some samples.

Just to make sure we kept it classy, cheese was also served.

Funny how I used to avoid cheese like it was the plague, but now I can’t get enough of it. I think I taste tested all the varieties (which is really just a nicer way of saying that I ate my weight in cheese).

To complement the cheese which complements the wine, we also had bread.

Trying to be conscious of balancing my food group, I decided that cheese, bread and wine does not a meal make. I decided to round it out with a veggie burger.

While the burger was delicious, my proportions looked a little more like “10 bites of cheese and bread to every one bite of burger.”

Beyond the food and drink, the actual conversation was enjoyable.

My ability to follow German conversations has definitely improved throughout the past weeks. Plus, I find that I loosen up with my attempts at speaking after a small drink.

Question: Do you like themed parties?

I think it’s kind of nice to have some kind of set theme to a party. It doesn’t have to be too rigid, but I find it helps both guests and hosts in the planning.


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