Last, but not least

With less than 24-hours left in Germany (eek!), today has been filled with a lot of “lasts.”

It seems that everything I do gives me a bittersweet rush of emotion. For example:

  • “Awh, this is my last homemade pretzel…” (maybe.)
  • “This is my last time using the school’s restroom…” (OK, that was purely sweet. The bathroom was so sketchy.)
  • “This is my last time walking around town…” (That was a bit of a let down, considering it is raining sideways today.)

I’m trying to take in every moment for what it’s worth, since it is all coming to a quick end. (That being said, I just couldn’t bring myself to photograph the school’s bathroom. Trust me, you should be grateful.)

Here are some of the more memorable moments from the day:

This morning, I woke up to the tap of rain drops against my window sill. Usually, I find rain to be calming. Not today.

Rebecca and I had big plans for a second-to-last run. But, the mix of cold and water don’t mesh with a looming day of travel. So, we decided to nix the run…

With some extra time to kill, I decided to make breakfast a bit more exciting. Since, you know, when life gives you lemons rain, make lemonade yogurt parfaits.

For my last real breakfast in Germany, I had an aesthetically pleasing mix.

Plus, it kind of tasted amazing.

Consumed: Cherry yogurt with layers of strawberry and chocolate muesli. Topped with a spoon full of peanut butter.

Even with a tasty and energizing breakfast, there is just something about the rain that makes it hard to get motivated.

Yet, for the sake of my fellow students, I bit the bullet and went back to school.

Today was our last class rehearsal for some sure-to-be embarrassing sketches and songs we are performing at tonight’s going away party.

I snuck in a picture of Rebecca. Then…

I was “harassed” by Skye for the last time. Kind of sad, actually.

We spent the morning getting the acts down as good as they will ever be (which isn’t saying much). Then we broke for one last lunch at “da Tosta.”

I warmed up from the freezing walk in the rain by the conviently placed wood-fired ovens. Before long, it was time for…

My last lunch in Germany. With few menu options, I was semi-boring and went with my standard veggie pizza.

At least da Tosta helps me add a bit of excitement by mixing up the veggie selection every week.

Consumed: Cheese-less, thin-crust pizza with onions, spinach, mushrooms and red peppers. I skipped the olives, as per usual.

Rebecca and I had talked about getting a workout in after lunch, since the original forecast said the rain was supposed to clear out.

About that…

I think the rain actually fell harder as the day went on. The good news is that it was my last rainy day in Germany.

Still not wanting to take any risks, I stayed inside and did a “living room boot camp” workout with a combination of plyometrics, Pilates and abdominal exercises.

After that, I used my last free-time to browse the Internet.

Hmm. That background looks familiar…

After a while of checking out blogs scholarly pursuits, I decided to break for a snack.

I went straight for my last no-bake apple crisp (while in Germany).

What can I say? I’m addicted!

Consumed: One diced apple, sprinkle of cinnamon and some strawberry muesli. This was actually “no-bake,” since I didn’t even bother to nuke the apple.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with my host-mom and host-sister looking back on the hundreds of pictures from this summer.

The memory-fest is going to continue tonight with the official going-away party. In the morning, I’m hoping to get a run in with Rebecca, finish up packing, head to the airport and fly home.

So, I guess this is “goodbye” from my last post in Germany.

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