Fly away home

On Saturday, Just like every day for past seven weeks, I woke up in Holzkirchen, Germany.

I went over to Rebecca’s for a good workout…

Which, thanks to my constant companion, the rain, wasn’t actually so good.

But, a breakfast with an unnecessary amount of Nutella seemed to make up for it.

Then, just like I did eight weeks ago, I drove out to the airport, cleared customs and boarded a painfully long flight across the Atlantic.

I consumed some mystery meal, something to the tune of pineapple salsa, corny-mush, fresh fruit and salad.

Nine bright and sunny hours later, I was officially over North America.

Just like in early June, the plane I was riding safely landed on the ground.

I turned on my phone…

And actually got service.

I looked out the window…

And saw American soil.

Then I endured my six-hour layover with a little help from my friend, coffee.

But then, unlike anything I’ve done in the past two months, I actually went home.

How sweet it is.

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