Two things in common

One thing that life has taught me is that if something is referred to as a “tradition,” then it is supposedly acceptable…

Even if it’s absurd.

Take for example waking up at 5:30 to package and deliver newspapers.

“No it’s ok. It’s a tradition!”

Funny how that doesn’t offer much comfort.

Any who, I was up bright and early to help in the annual delivery of the “Back to School” edition of The Kansan.

For as much as I would have enjoyed another hour of sleep, I really love the staff I work with, so delivery did turn out to be fun.

By the time I got home, I was apparently so ready for breakfast that I neglected to take a picture of my green monster. It was pretty standard, so it’s no big loss.

Then, I made the fatal mistake of combining boredom and sleep deprivation by going to the grocery store.

I did need to load up on some fresh produce. I didn’t need to get a bag of new pretzel M&Ms. Woe is me.

Even though it was past “lunch” by the time I got home, I still wasn’t feeling too hungry. Instead, I used my time by whipping up a few things in the kitchen in preparation for the week.

What resulted is the makings of a good riddle: What do these two dishes have in common?

Answer: Tahini.

Allow me to explain.

Carrot and Ginger Hummus

I bookmarked this recipe from “Fat Free Vegan Kitchen” a while back and finally decided to give it a try. So worth it, especially given my love of ginger.

Also consumed: Vegan black bean burgers (my favorite recipe yet!) with honey Dijon, deliciously grainy bread and yellow bell peppers.

Then, naturally, I had to top off lunch with something a little sweet. Since the tahini for the hummus was already out of the refrigerator, I decided to go with another recipe I bookmarked a few weeks ago: Blueberry tahini compote by “Eating Bird Food.”

I was intrigued by the combination of blueberry and tahini, so decided I must give it a go. I used the compote to top a serving of cottage cheese (my first since being back in the states!). Upon first taste, the compote was a lacking a little sweetness, so I drizzled it with a tiny bit of Agave nectar. That was exactly what the doctor ordered!

So, if you have some tahini around but don’t feel like making hummus (although I’m not sure who wouldn’t want to comsume make hummus…) then give this a try!

As if my day wasn’t going well enough (deliciousness = happiness), I opened my mailbox to find a delivery of nut butter from Amie!

Chocolate, hazelnut and portion sized? Were these made just for me, or what?

The rest of the day is to include a training run with the boy, a nap and dinner.

I would think about creating world peace, but clearly I have no time to burn.

Question: Do you make any sweet dishes with a traditionally savory ingredient? Vice versa?

I overcame my hesitation to put chili powder in my chocolate cookies, but they turned out delicious!


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