Eat, work, sleep and repeat

During the lackadaisical chaos of summer, nearly all structure to my days falls apart.

I still fit in the essentials of working out, cooking and writing. But, the order and extensiveness of these activities is susceptible to variation on any given day.

(Woah, who went overboard on “Word of the day?”)

Then, without time for transition, school strikes back.

Routine. Demands. Expectations. Oh, my.

Not to complain too much. I do enjoy some degree of structure to my life. All I’m saying is that it is a little pathetic to realize my days can be divided in very predictable segments.

For example, today consisted of: School, food, running and editing. I think I took a breath in between that all, but I can’t say for sure…

Even though my first class wasn’t until 9 o’clock, I woke up at 6:30 to do some homework and enjoy breakfast. Yes, I am indeed a 60-year-old stuck in a college kid’s body.

Consumed: Non-fat Greek vanilla yogurt, leftover baked apples and granola. Also, whole wheat biscuit with PB, apples and cinnamon.

After appropriately fueling and caffeinating, I set out for my first whole Monday of my first whole week of school.

No tears were even shed. I must be growing up.

Two lectures later and a little bit of work later, I was more than ready for lunch. I had forgotten how much sitting in a classroom really revs my appetite…

Consumed: Red Romaine salad with feta, balsamic cucumbers, corn salsa, roasted tofu, cottage cheese and balsamic dressing.

Always eager to test out anything with “chocolate” in the title, I had been dying to sink my teeth into the already legendary Larabar flavors.

I literally squealed and then skipped to grab up one of the bars when I finally found the bars. Maybe that was why Dan refused to acknowledge me at the grocery store…

Still, I was a little skeptical. Chocolate chip brownie? I hope Lara knows what exactly she is promising with those three meaningful words…

Fortunately for me (and Lara’s well-being) the bar was more delicious than I imagined. If it wasn’t for my other, cheaper brownie love, I’d be forever sold.

With satisfied taste buds, I was even enthusiastic about work and another class.

After finishing my morning obligations, I walked over to Dan’s to run our mandated 3.5 mile run. Which we did indoors. On treadmills. It was 95 degrees, for goodness sake.

We did find the courage to face the heat and jump in the pool after working out. Oh, how I sacrifice.

Priority #1 after working out was getting something icy and cold to drink. Although I love Sonic, I opted for the cheaper, closer Kwik Shop, which also has crushed ice.

After downing my drink in record time, I was hungry again.

Consumed: Cottage cheese, apple sauce, cinnamon, Agave nectar and granola.

Since society tends to frown on body odor, I decided to take a shower. Then, I looked at my watch and realized it was nearing 6 o’clock. Where did my day go?

No time to dwell, because I knew where my night was going to be: In the newsroom.

I quickly packed up an all-too-easy dinner.

Consumed: Red Romaine salad with mozzarella, balsamic cucumbers, roasted tofu, corn salsa and balsamic dressing. Paired with a side of whole-grain bead.

I prefer to mix my meals up and try to avoid eating the same thing twice. But, with limited time, my prepped salad ingredients just couldn’t be passed up.

Knowing I have a tendency (read: love) to snack, I also packed an impromptu trail mix.

Consumed: Whole-wheat cereal, PB M&Ms, almonds, dried cherries, chopped dates and Annie’s Bunny Grahams.

I spent the rest of the night in the over-heated newsroom, editing various stories and (as expected) snacking my heart away.

I didn’t get home until near midnight, which is relatively early in newspaper time.

Up and at it again tomorrow. Same thing, new date.

Questions: What do your days consist of? Do you have traditions to “mix it up?”


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