A Moose Tracks spotting

I believe that every day is a new opportunity, a new memory and a new learning experience.

For example, yesterday I learned that I can eat breakfast while running to class.

Today, I learned that I all good things must come to an end…

Consumed: OIAJ with oats, 1/2 banana, blueberries, sugar-free jelly, granola and some peanut butter remnants.

I stretched my budget a little bit to buy this peanut butter (even though it was on sale), but it was worth every dollar-sucking bite.

I described it to Dan as the creamiest PB ever, but he said, “I thought it was crunchy?” I tried to explain what I meant, but it was no use…

After eating breakfast from the comforts of my own home (as opposed to the street to campus), I assembled a lunch, packed my backpack and set out for a much more leisurely stroll to class.

My first class met in the University’s research library. This is a unique resource to the University of Kansas, and I’ve often enjoyed going there to look through the archives.

Today’s goal was to narrow our definition of a “great book.” Considering how broad a subject this is, this was easier said than done. Still, I decided that a “great book” is one that transcends the pages; the words affect people, move them to action and influence their behaviors of beliefs.

While all of that was fresh on my mind, I pounded out a couple of paragraphs for my upcoming paper. After that, I wrote my daily news brief.

Want to hear a joke?

Know about that lunch that I packed earlier?

Consumed: Wasa crackers, hazelnut butter, banana, carrot sticks and yogurt.

It was kind of pathetic.

Basically, I felt as though I was a fourth-grader packing lunch for the first time. Talk about random. This is just what you get when you combined a money-deprived college student with a time crunch with an empty pantry.

So, although tasty, the idea of “spicing up” the carrots and yogurt was a lost cause.

However, anything with carbs, hazelnut butter and a banana is guaranteed delicious.

Bam. (Woah, who invited Emeril to this party?)

After my last class of the day, I went to the student health center (a place I am all too familiar with) for an actually pleasant experience: The first meeting of the student health task force, “H.O.M.E.B.A.S.E.

This was something I wanted to get involved in last year, but I simply wasn’t in the position to do so. Now, I’m not only feeling more secure in my own health, but I’m even more motivated to help others.

After the meeting, as if I had any doubt I was in Kansas, I was greeted with this…

And a few seconds later, a witch on a bicycle went riding by…


Fortunately, I managed to dodge flying cows for long enough to make it back to the newsroom. Just in time, too. My “pace myself” moment had arrived.

Consumed: Mocha protein bar.

Then, I settled down for a long afternoon of work. About 20 minutes in, an “emergency meeting” was called among the editors.

And by “emergency meeting,” I mean “we need an excuse to escape the newsroom.” We went over to The Wheel, which, I might add, is one of the top 50 college bars in the country.

The inevitable rain started as soon as we walked out the door to get back to the newsroom. I came prepared with an umbrella, but it’s really never fun to walk in the rain (running is another story).

I had two more hours of budget meetings, before finally making it home at 7 o’clock.

Wonder of all wonders, my refrigerator had failed to fill itself while I was at school. With still slim pickings, I went for the sure-thing of breakfast-for-dinner.

Consumed: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, a bit of cream cheese and honey mustard, all served with a side of toast.

Kind of boring. Sorry.

Something that wasn’t boring?

Watching Dan do the dishes! (Reason #74 why I like him)

To reward him, I suggested having a cup of ice cream. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hey, want some Moose Tracks?”

Dan: “What are you talking about?”

Me: “Ice cream… Moose Tracks ice cream?”

After a couple more moments of confusion, I realized that Dan not only hadn’t eaten Moose Tracks before, but he hadn’t even heard of it. Shocking. Truly shocking.

More importantly, it was unacceptable. So, obviously, I quickly had to remedy the situation.

The verdict? He loved it!

Enough so that he went back for second (third, fourth and fifth) bites.

I always said he had good taste…

Questions: What’s your definition of a “great book?” Do you have a go-to dinner? What’s your favorite ice cream?


3 responses to “A Moose Tracks spotting

  • couchpotatoathlete

    I love Moose Tracks ice cream! My favorite will always be cookies and cream. It is all my dad would ever buy when we were kids, because that was HIS favorite. Now its my fave too 🙂

  • Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear

    Actually, I kind of like your lunch 😀

  • Katie

    That’s really impressive that you could run to class and eat breakfast at the same time. Haha, definitely takes some skill! And I LOVE reading! I think the things that make a good book are if it draws you in within the first few pages, it makes you want to keep reading, the characters are relatable, and it takes you out of the world you’re living in. I know that sounds kind of cheezy but one of the main reasons I love to read is because I don’t really have to think about my life for the times I’m reading. I get totally swept up into the life of the characters.

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