From my look-out

Life is largely unpredictable. Although I believe in the importance of plans, I know that even the best laid ones can, and do, fall apart.

In this crazy world, it is good to have something to depend on: Time.

No matter what, a day is always 24 hours and a week is seven days.

During a crazy week of school, this was a comforting thought. And, just as I knew, Friday did arrive.

I decided not to celebrate chocolate-for-breakfast-Fridays, instead going with some delicious strawberries.

Consumed: Overnight oats with vanilla Greek yogurt, chia seeds and oats mixed together at nights. Topped with granola, strawberries, 1/2 banana and bit of cashew butter in morning.

By my junior year, one thing I’ve learned is to schedule easy Friday’s of classes. This semester, I only have two classes and am officially done by 11.

Afterward, I went by the newsroom to get some work done while I was still in the academic mindset. While sitting at my desk, I had my little mix-and-match lunch.

Consumed: “Mushroom lovers” veggie patty on whole wheat bun with honey Dijon mustard. Side of strawberries and little homemade trail mix.

Traditionally, there is a rivalry between the “addies” and “newsies” of the journalism school. However, for a brief moment yesterday, a white flag was raised: The ads staff brought us some coupons for free lunch at “Noodles and Co.” Naturally, I happily accepted… The rivalry can wait until tomorrow.

After a bit more work, I said “goodbye” to the newsroom for the long weekend and rode my bike over to Dan’s.

Earlier, I managed to snag an extra Noodles coupon for Dan, so we both walked down to Mass Street to redeem our freebees.

Hint: Free, healthy food = A very happy college girl!

I got the food to go, since I already had lunch and had plans for dinner.

While we were strolling down Mass, I suggested we make a stop in one of my favorite places on earth…

Have you ever been to a Great Harvest before? The smell of the fresh baking bread is just unparalleled by anything else.

The best part about Great Harvest isn’t only that the bread is the best on earth, but that the staff members are so generous with the samples. I still remember going in with my Mom, getting a big hunk of bread and smearing it with butter and honey… That’s what good childhood memories are made of.

Dan had been by Great Harvest stands at farmer’s market with me before, but had never been to an actual store.

Yesterday was Moose Tracks. Today is Great Harvest. What will I introduce him to tomorrow?

Although the Lawrence location is smaller than most, the bread is still as good as anywhere.

Dan and I weren’t able to spend too much time wandering around. We had to get back for the first night of “Friday Night Cooking!”

This semester, Dan is making dinner for the 50 boys in his hall every Friday night, and I’m there to help.

On the menu tonight, rice with green onions and eggs, grilled shrimp, sautéed mushrooms and salad.

My speciality for the night came courtesy of Tina: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies.

Deliciousness, of course.

One of the benefits of making the dinner, is that we are the first to be served.

Consumed: Rice with eggs. Side of sautéed onions and salad. Dessert of blondies.

Another thing that I love about Friday (other than the obvious) is that it’s half-marathon cross training day.

Dan mapped out a perfect 12-mile out-and-back bike ride to a local watch tower.

We arrive out there just a bit before the “big show” of sunset.

In the interim, we caught our breath and I snapped a few pictures of my favorite subject.

So intimidating.

Then we made the last little climb to the top of the look-out tower just in time for…

I could have stuck around for a while admiring the view, but we had to get back to city limits before total darkness.

Thanks again to Dan’s planning skills, we hit the edge of town just when the roads were getting too dark for my liking.

After that, we went on a mad hunt (with the car) for “Gladiator.” I’d never seen it before, and Dan promised to watch “Titanic” if I watched it with him. Deal.

No point in staying up too late. It is a three-day weekend after all, so I have to pace myself.

Questions: What adjectives do you use other than “delicious?” What college football team are you cheering for?

I’ll throw in a “yummy” or “tasty” every now and then, but “delicious” is my favorite! As for football it’s all about the Jayhawks, but I’ll cheer for Nebraska if they aren’t playing KU.

7 responses to “From my look-out

  • Katie

    Haha I always use the word “delicious” too!! I always try to substitute other words because I feel like I say everything I eat is delicious! I’ll sometimes say yummy or so good, haha! That dinner is so creative. And I want to make some of those blondies…DELICIOUS! 😉

  • lindsay

    Free healthy food makes ME giddy! Love it. I say delish too much. I am aiming for tasty or scrumptous now, haha.

  • christina

    i love great harvest so much. i always eat like 5 samples when i’m there, haha. everything is so tasty and fresh!

  • Amy struthers

    Great Harvest in Omaha is awesome, owned by one of my best & oldest friends – visit when you’re in Big Red land! Lincoln’s Great Harvest is pretty new, but the owners share the same generous ethos of the whole company.

    What do you get @ Noodles that’s healthy? They also seem to be a generous company, feeding us UNL advertising/pr & journalism faculty as we came back to work last month.

    Thoroughly enjoy your blog now that your dad shared it with me. I in turn have shared it with my friends @ Nebraska Health & Human Services, where I work on public health ad campaigns for teens. Our state nutritionist is another new fan of yours! When you’re up sometime, come visit Andersen Hall & I’ll show you what we’re doing!

    • pursuitofhealthfulness

      I didn’t even know there was a Great Harvest in Omaha, but I’ll be sure to check that out! I love how each G.H. is unique.

      I really like the small Bangkok Curry trio with tofu and a side salad. One of my favorite parts about Noodles is that it offers smaller portion sizes. The large bowls are just too much, but the trios are great!

      It’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying my blog! I would love to chat with you about it next time I’m home!

  • Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear

    We don’t have Great Harvest, sadly. I would visit weekly if we had one 🙂

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