Yoga around the world

Rumor is that there was a football game yesterday…

But I don’t know anything about that…

Instead, I want to talk about something else.

I am a pro at the “shoot and smile” photos. However, as classic are they are, they do get a little boring after a while.

With this in mind, when I went to Europe this summer, I wanted to mix up my photos a bit.

After some thought, I decided that the best, most “me” way to do that was to hold a yoga pose at the most beautiful of views.

#1. The “vor Alpen” near Munich, Germany.

#2. The actual Alps in Salzburg, Austria.

#3. The Königssee near Salzburg, Austria.

#4. In Luzern, Switzerland. #5. Mt. Pilatus near Luzern.

Now, after being back in the States for about a month, I love looking back on these pictures.

From now on, each pose will be attached to a memory. I can’t break into “the wheel” without thinking about Switzerland. I think of Austria every time I do “the warrior” pose…

Although every picture of my time in Europe is meaningful in its own way, these are definitely my favorites.

Question: Do you ever do anything to “mix up” your pictures?


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