The news doesn’t sleep

Start time of this post- 11:36 p.m. CST

Deadlines and I never used to get along.

However, just as with “looking good for the camera” and “writing with complete sentences,” dealing with deadlines is a simple necessity for my job.

That’s why, with a professionally imposed newspaper deadline of 2 a.m. and a self-imposed blog deadline of midnight, I’m moving at turbo-speed to get everything done.

First up, breakfast.

Consumed: Blueberry Greek yogurt, perfectly ripe banana, scoop of PB and Yogi “Blueberry Flax” granola.

Facing the prospect of another 18-hour day, I considered packing my bags, jumping a train and living hobo style…

Then, as it always does, my impulsiveness wore off and reality of sleeping in a box set in.

So, I decided to suck it up and go on with the day. The long, long day.

Instead, I put my plastic hobo bag to good use by packing up my mix-and-match lunch.


Rewinding for just a moment, one of my keys to operating on less-than ideal amounts of sleep is preparation. Yeah, kind of brilliant.

Lately, my favorite versatile, convenient and tasty snack is trail mix. I eat this so frequently that I’ve gotten making it down to a science.

First, I gather the necessities:

This is usually a selection of mixed nuts, dried fruit, whole wheat cereal and a few little sweet thangs’ (in this case, dark chocolate covered raisins and banana chips).

Then, I scoop a bit of each snack into a big mason jar. One of the best things about “make at home trail mix” is that I can change-up the ratios of chocolate : fruit : nuts : cereal, depending on the day.

With a bunch of deliciousness loaded in the jar, the next step putting the “mix” in “trail mix.”

Shake, shake, shake!

After jumbling it all up, I pop open the lid and steal a bite — taste testing is always required.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what I call success.

Okay, back to real-time…

After rejecting my hobo-plan, I made the walk across campus to sit in a couple of hours of classes, write out a few news scripts and perform a news brief.

Then, it was lunch.

Consumed: Carrot sticks with red pepper hummus, “pink lady” apple and trail mix.

Of note, the trail mix was definitely the star of the show… Even in competition with hummus.

After my last class of the day (copy editing), I got my biggest break of the week: Five hours totally away from campus!

In that time, I took a much-needed nap and had a quick snack.

Consumed: Wasa crackers with red pepper hummus, fresh tomato slices and a crackle of black pepper.

Then, Dan came over for our planned four-mile run. However, after doing a personal assessment of just how worn out I was, I knew the run would do more harm than good.

Instead, Dan and I took Lola for a more leisurely and conversation-friendly walk.Working out can wait until tomorrow…

Dan had some meetings, so I was on my own for dinner. On the menu, lazy girl’s baked sweet potato.

Consumed: Sweet potato pierced with a fork, wrapped in a paper towel, nuked for four minutes, flipped over and nuked for four more minutes. Then, I squeezed it with a lime-half, a seasoned with a bit of salt and topped with a spoonful of salsa.

Really, though, the quickie-dinner was just so that I could move onto dessert: Moose Tracks. The lack of picture goes to show how quickly I devoured it…

Then, just as it was getting to the time I would normally go to sleep, I had to head back to the newsroom for night editing.

Fortunately, unlike copy editing, night editing gives me a bit of free time to work on homework and blog… which brings me back to now!

End time of this post- 12:12 a.m. CST.

Questions: For those of you back in school, are you feeling sleep deprived yet? For those out in “the real world,” do you get the recommended eight hours?

Last year, our newspaper shirts said, “The news doesn’t sleep… And neither do we.” How fitting, considering I’ve been in the newsroom past midnight for three nights in a row.

P.S. Don’t forget about my Bondi Band giveaway!


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