OMG, I’m so confident!

First things first…

On Friday, Dan and I made dinner for his hall. On the menu: Enchiladas, salt and vinegar oven-chips (sure to be seen again), beans, corn and peaches.

I would have gone upstairs to get my camera, but I knew everything would be devoured by the time I got back down, anyway. And (words to the wise), never get between hungry college boys and their food.

After dinner, another scholarship hall was having an 80s-themed dance. Although I didn’t come “prepared,” I did manage to 80-ize my outfit.

Popped collar, side pony tail… Man, why wasn’t I alive in the 80s?

I actually didn’t stay out too late last night, because Dan and I had a seven-miler planned for  morning.

Saturday I woke up delightfully non-early. Around 11 o’clock, Dan and I headed out for one of the best runs I’ve had in a while… Something I credit to the cool weather and some time on an iron supplement.

After the run, both Dan and I were famished, so I threw together a quick-lunch.

That evening, Dan and I drove to his nearby hometown to get dinner with his parents and sister.

From the beginning, Dan’s entire family has just been as nice and friendly as can be. Since I don’t get to see my family as often as I would like, it is nice to know that I am still welcome somewhere in the state.

With the sleep deficit I’m in, my wimpy afternoon nap wasn’t enough. So, for the second night in a row, I decided to turn in early…

Now onto something I really want to mention: I often talk about the importance of inner self-confidence.

Only by being secure in my own body, with my own intellect and of my own personality can I go through life with happiness.

Now that I am there (the majority of the time), I can clearly see that there is another important component to personal assurance: outer self-confidence.

So many times I’ve seen girls put themselves down because they believe that’s what there supposed to do.

It’s as if “I’m so fat” is a basic part of conversation.


It’s said in high school at shopping malls, school bathrooms and sleepovers. It’s said in college at dormitories, in bedrooms before parties and in dining halls over plates of salad. And (going out on a limb here), it doesn’t end there…

But why?

These kinds of comments are good for no one.

Every time someone complains about how big their thighs are, how crooked their nose is or chunky their stomach is,  all I used to be able to think about was how much worse my own body is.

Therefore, not only is that person unhappy, but everyone else is brought down.

Although I can’t personally give every person their own self-confidence, I can give them the opportunity to be self-confident.

Senior year of high school, playing "Does this look weird?"

That is why I vow never to complain to others about my body. Sure, I may not think it’s perfect all-day, every-day. But, who has to know that?

My challenge: Stop the negative body-talk! Instead, think of all the great thing your body does. I promise, both you and everyone else will be happier as a result.

Question: Do you ever say negative things about your own body in the presence of others?

P.S. Congratulations to Brittany from “A Healthy Slice of Life” for winning my Bondi Band giveaway!


3 responses to “OMG, I’m so confident!

  • Michelle (Delightfully Dietetic)

    I hated in high school where bonding with friends almost always entailed putting yourself down. Its such a hard habit to break. I still do it sometimes in front of my boyfriend. But its just so unattractive. I hate it when others do it

  • Katie

    That’s such a great message!! It’s harder, especially for girls, to see the flaws in our bodies and not take the time to see the beautiful parts we love!! I don’t necessarily like everything on my body don’t I try not to say it out loud. I think it just makes things awkward most of the time haha

  • Katelyn Johnson

    Haha yes! I love it when I make the blog! That picture is wonderfly awesome, we took so many of them in high school.

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