Keeping me going

When I wake up on the right side of the bed, but quickly roll back over and fall off on the wrong side…

Coffee spill. Oh, the hazards of food blogging.

It’s the little things that keep me going.

Today was one of those rare occasions when I just wasn’t feeling oatmeal. Blame it on the imminence of fall, but I was really craving apples. Consumed: Apple, sprinkled with cinnamon, splashed with milk and nuked for two minutes. Immediately mixed with PB until it glazes all the apples. Top with a sprinkle of granola.

I’m glad to report that I also recovered from my coffee mishap to enjoy an otherwise delicious icy drink.

Consumed: Double-strength coffee brewed the night before. A bit of soy milk added in the morning, along with a few ice cubes.

The silver-lining to a day starting off on a sour note is that things only get better from there.

Today, I got another paper off my chest and both of my classes ended early. (Note: Insert unphotographed lunch of hummus with toast, carrot sticks and vegetables here.)

Best of all, this allowed me to spend some more time with Dan.

Actually, when I went by his house after class, I was greeted by another surprise: The yellow Crystal Light that my sister impulsively requested was actually stocked. Too bad she’s lives in another state…

I enjoyed a glass in honor of Marian.

Sadly, my time with Dan (and Crystal Light) was cut short, as I had to return to the newsroom for my long-editing shift.

In between story editing and headline writing, I’m usually able to steal a few moments to salivate look at recipes.

Unfortunately, that only makes my already depressing dinner seem all the more, well, depressing.

Consumed: Juicy orange, Flat Out wrap with hummus, lettuce, honey-mustard glazed tofu, feta and roasted red peppers. Meal finished on a strong note with almond-scented chocolate chip cookies.

Just like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie, so I must admit that this was actually a pretty good sack aluminum foil dinner.

Note: I also must admit that I just made the reference to segway to the fact that I just found out there is a town named “George” in the state of Washington… As in George, Washington. Oh, the things learned during copy editing.

The rest of the long, long, long-shift passed rather uneventfully. Most successfully, I got a new recipe from a fellow copy editor… Keep your eyes open for my take on apple bars!

Questions: What are your favorite distinctly “fall” foods? What’s your most random fact on presidents?

I love apples, especially fresh from the orchard. However, last year I really developed a passion for butternut squash. As for presidents, don’t even get me started…


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