Friday Fragments: Bridalplasty

Today’s Friday Fragment deals with my latest grudge with the world of reality TV… To pique your interest, ponder this: What is love?

But, before delving into that, here’s a quick review of the day…

Even though sleep would have been really nice, I’ve grown somewhat comfortable with its absence. So, in lieu of an extra hour of shut-eye, I set my alarm, woke up early and headed out for a nice, crisp, dawn-time run.

Oddly enough, even though my run was the chilliest weather I’ve been in for a while, I was craving a cool breakfast.

Consumed: Parfait of blueberry Greek yogurt, freshly sliced banana, whole-wheat cereal and a topping of PB2 sauce.

Although I didn’t have too much time to spare in my schedule today, I committed to help set up a tabling event for the campus group I’m involved in called H.O.M.E.B.A.S.E.

Today, we were promoting on of the group initiatives called “Better Bites.” This program helps students identify healthier food options on campus dining locations. Simply by finding the little green symbol, students know that the food choice is nutritionally better.

And, what better way to advertise to college students than offer freebies? We had little samples of the (delicious) no-sugar-added smoothies from shops around campus.

The table was popular, to say the least. Plus, this gave me the fun opportunity to talk to new people about healthy eating and living.

Most of the rest of the day was consumed by newsie things… There is no need to bore with the details, so how about we move on to another topic?

Have you been thinking about the question? Good, because it’s time for Friday Fragments!

Throughout a week of observations, activities and adventures, I usually have a lot of random things filed away into the “miscellaneous” cabinet of my mind.

These thoughts don’t necessarily fall under any category, but they are things I just can’t get off my mind. That’s where “Friday Fragments” comes in.

“Friday Fragments” is a weekly ramble post about some health-related hot topic from the past week.

I’ve never been the type to really fantasize about my wedding. I guess I just imagined that the most important aspect was who I had standing at the end of the aisle, and not all the other details around us…

Still, I’ve always had a rather romantic notion about the moment when I reach the altar, stand beside by husband-to-be and he lifts my veil. For that beautiful instant, we look into each others’ eyes and see the one we vow to spend life with.

However, “Bridalplasty,” a new show by E!, is dumping that entire concept on its head.

The entertainment news channel is supposedly set to announce the show in the coming weeks. The basic premise is that during every episode, a group of brides-to-be will compete in challenges. The winner of each challenge is granted plastic surgery. At the end of the series, the “winning” bride, who will have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures, will be unveiled to her husband-to-be at the alter of their wedding.

Just when I thought “Jersey Shore” was as ridiculous as reality TV could get…

My question is this: Exactly what message are the producers of this show trying to send?

Plastic surgery is one thing when it’s a matter of physical comfort. However, this show doesn’t stop at a single nose job. The very concept is that the “winner” will have undergone numerous appearance modifications.

Absolutely worst of all, this moment is revealed at the wedding.

This essentially strips all the romance away from the classic alter moment… For grooms, instead of lifting the veil and looking at the face of the women they are vowing to love unconditionally, they just see a stranger looking back.

If we can’t expect our life-partners to love unconditionally, then what hope is there?

Question: What do you think of the show proposal? Is there any kind of positive side to this that I’m just not seeing?


5 responses to “Friday Fragments: Bridalplasty

  • Circe

    firstly, congrats on getting up early for a run, I’ve been trying to push myself out of bed at 5 every day this week. I’m just not as disciplined as you 😉

    This show sounds appalling, I agree with you that it’s like marrying a stranger. I see many many negativese (far too many to mention), but I don’t see a positive side at all.

    happy Friday!

  • Katelyn Johnson

    that show sounds awful! thats not even “trashy tv” its just horrible. I agree with both of you about the total stranger thing. That in my mind is just a set up for divorce. The guy will take one look and go, ” yeah sure you’re hot but I fell in love with you for who you are, and now I don’t even know where that girl is.”
    On another bridal tv note, the show four weddings on TLC is very cute. I think we watched it in Fargo.

  • Katie

    Ughhh that sounds like a terrible show. Look at what reality tv has come to! I completely agree with you, if you can’t depend on your husband to love you unconditionally despite your appearances than you might want to rethink the marriage all together. It’s a terrible concept that they’re sending to viewers. Hopefully the show gets cancelled.

  • Megan

    Umm this sounds like a horrible premise for a show! Definitely won’t be watching. I feel like networks are in competition to find the most ridiculous show ideas!

  • Amy struthers

    Hate the show concept! It will be interesting to see who buys the advertising spots. We’ll have to let them know how we feel.

    But love your campus campaign to educate students about better food choices! Does your group have a plan for how you will measure effectiveness of your campaign? It’s a hard thing to figure out!

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