Another Manic Monday

I don’t dislike Mondays, per say.

However, I’m not exactly on the verge of starting a fan club, either.

So, stuck somewhere between disdain and enthusiasm, Mondays are just kind of “urgh-like” for me. And, yes, a new adjective really is needed to describe this.

With this uncomfortable ambivalence, I find it is much easier to err on the side of enthusiasm when there is something to look forward to about Mondays…

Consumed: Blueberry yogurt mixed with 1/4 C uncooked oats, 1/2 t Chia seeds and topped with frozen blueberries. Left in the fridge overnight. Topped in morning with crasin granola and spoonful of PB.

Even though overnight oats make frequent guest appearances on my blog, I still love them. I mean, why eat something “urgh-like” when I can have something so delicious. And, yes, yet another request for a new adjective…

Anyway, moving on.

I actually enjoyed my breakfast outside today, soaking in what the weatherman called “Summer’s last stand.” In further recognition of the summery day, I pulled out my sun dress for one last gasp of warm air.

Albeit I wore a shirt underneath to avoid classroom chills. A girls gotta’ think ahead.

Both my morning classes were consumed by review sessions, as both professors apparently conspired against me to plan tests for Friday.

When noon rolled around, I brushed my tension off my enjoying lunch my a soothing campus fountain…

Oh, wait… That’s what I wanted to do, not what I actually did. My mistake.

(Note: This picture was actually taken for a journalism assignment. My life = journalism.)

Instead, my real lunch was devoured in the company of newsroom computer #3. Although good ol’ #3 is a pretty face, she isn’t much of a conversationalist. At least I had an exciting meal…

Consumed: Italian-Blend lettuce, sweet cherry peppers, artichoke hearts, baby bella mushrooms, onion and carrots. All dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.

Mondays and Wednesday lunch breaks are always a little rushed for me, so I decided to cut my losses and enjoy the second part of my meal during editing class.

I brought along a new (to me) Kashi granola bar.

Cherry + Dark Chocolate? Yes, please!

What’s more, this bar reminded me of how much I love real granola-granola bars. To explain, (because what makes sense in my head has a way of turning out confusing) I really like Lara or other fruit-based bars. However, my real favorite is the classic granola bars that I can break apart bit-my-bit.

After editing, I ran back down to the newsroom to quickly finish up some work. Then, I made the trek home, changed into workout clothes while still charged with motivation and headed over to the gym.

Three miles later, I stretched, showered and gussied up. When I was satisfactorily good-looking, I jumped in the car and drove over to Dan’s.

The occasion? His pharmacy school convocation!

Doesn’t he just look professional?

Around 5:30, we walked up to the Kansas Union to meet up with his parents. Then, Dan got corralled in with all the other 3Ps (first year pharmacy students) and I found some seats with his parents.

While waiting for the ceremony to start, I chatted with his mom about everything from wood-shop accidents to the cute outfits of other girls. Dan’s mom is seriously hilarious and a ton of fun to talk with.

A little after the scheduled start time of 6 o’clock, the ceremony started up. Even though I wasn’t sure what to expect, I quickly realized how big of a deal it all was. I mean, I shouldn’t brag, but my boy is pretty awesome…

After a few speeches from the deans and a graduating student (who said a lot of romantic relationships are formed in pharmacy school. Ahem?) the students were all introduced on stage and made to sign a professionalism code.

I felt like such a paparazzi, but didn’t really care.

After a few closing remarks and some refreshments, Dan and I went out with his parents to dinner. Dan’s destination of choice was “On the Border,” which is a chain-Mexican restaurant.

(Fun fact: The first date Dan and I went on was to “El Mezcal,” a local Mexican restaurant.)

It was about 8 o’clock by the time we all sat down, so I choose to have a few tortilla chips to settle my hungry stomach. I was a little disappointed by the vegetarian options, but found a appealing-sounding salad on the menu.

The salad traditionally comes with chicken, so I asked for that to be subbed for black beans. I also asked for dressing on the side, but the waitress said it already is mixed in…

I went along with it all, but when my food came out it was slightly apparent that the waitress was confused. For the good news, I did get black beans instead of chicken. However, there was no dressing. Kind of a mystery.

No matter. The salad was loaded with plenty of other goodies, so I easily devoured it anyway.

By the time dinner was all consumed and the check was paid, it was pushing 9 o’clock. I went back by Dan’s for a bit, but had to get home to finish up homework.

And, that was all this Monday wrote. Now, on to another long, long Tuesday.

At least the countdown to the weekend is one day less!

Questions: How do you get psyched up for a week of work/school? What does your significant other do?

12 responses to “Another Manic Monday

  • jacqueline soboti

    sillly as it sounds.. reading the dailyOM and your blog + a cup of something warm + a cliff z-bar help me start my mornings off on a better foot!

    i had a case of the mondays yesterday.. i woke up late and missed my morning routine.. my roommate put it best “that part of your day is already gone” so i just had to keep moving forward!

    hope tuesday is better for u, as i hope it will be for me!

  • Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear

    That is an exciting lunch, yumm!

    I usually don’t mind Mondays. I like that it’s the beginning of a new week and as I have a lovely job I don’t mind going there.. I also have the best colleagues so it’s like being among friends at work 🙂

  • barneymccoy

    Dan looks so handsome…. and proud.

  • barneymccoy

    p.s. That was me. Mom

  • Geni

    I have never tried the overnight oats but I think you may have convinced me to. 🙂

  • Katie

    Last day of summer? Awesome! We still have really hot weather here so I guess we’re still in the summer phase. I like how you rocked the summer dress though! And man that would have been nice to sit by the fountain…so peaceful! I’ve been sitting outside a lot lately (in the shade) because I get so relaxed

  • thehealthyreminder

    I get psyched up for my week by making sure I start Monday morning off with my FAVORITE breakfast (whatever I might be feelin’ the night before). It helps me look forward to waking up and getting going!
    Tell me, do you have any good tips for making thick smoothies with bananas?!

    • pursuitofhealthfulness

      Supposedly the best way to make thick smoothies is with xanthan gum, but I never bother with it. Instead, I just like to bulk it up with a scoop of PB or some uncooked, soaked oats. Plus, the more banana, the better! (:

      P.S. Always freeze the bananas. That way, the smoothie isn’t watered down, and it’s extra flavorful!

  • Lucy Glover

    Yes, it was quite a busy Monday as well as the rest of the week as you can see since it is already Friday and I am finally getting around to reading this. You write so colorful, it is fun to read. I was so glad you shared in the convocation experience with us. Your presence makes us all happier. We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Dan did not tell us where we were taking you two to eat, it will be a fun surprise!

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