Another surprise

It’s no surprise that I love fall…

Everything from the crispness of the air to the serenity of lackadaisically falling leaves brings joy to my soul…

For as much as I yearn to spend my time building leaf piles, picking farm-fresh apples and snacking on pumpkin, there are always other things to attend to.

And, by “other things,” I mean school. But, if you’ve read this blog before, that should be no surprise.

With a demanding load of midterms, papers and assignments, this past week has been especially draining. Just when I thought I could bear no more, I was granted a gift from the University: fall break.

Throughout the day, my attention was focused not on my classes, but on the moment that the clock struck 1:45…

Even I was surprised by just how pen-tappingly impatient I was…
Fortunately, the progression of time leaves nothing left to surprise. At 1:45 sharp, the whistle blew, signaling the official start of my break.

I was so excited by the long-weekend’s onset, that I went all out…
Yes, that is a limo.

Surprised? Good.

That was basically the whole idea: In honor of his 21st birthday, Dan’s mom had been scheming to surprise him. She came up with the great idea to take a limo to dinner on Kansas City’s Plaza.

I was just along for the ride…

(Note: No big deal. I do these things never all the time.)

To add to the surprise, Dan’s mom said they just wanted to spend the night with him.

I’d been playing along with it the whole time, asking Dan if he had any idea what his family had planned. He never caught on…

At four o’clock, he left to drive back home. Immediately after saying “good-bye,” I frantically began getting ready.

Right when my mascara dried, the limo pulled up to whisk me away.

I made the solo-ride over to Dan’s hometown and pulled up to his driveway just as his family was taking pictures outside. Then, just as Dan was getting over the surprise of a random limo pulling up in his driveway, I stepped out.

He’s never been so speechless.

The rest of the family then loaded into the car to drive in style…

About an hour later, we arrived curbside at McCormick and Schmick‘s at the Plaza.

There, the surprises just continued…

Personalized menus? Thank-you-very-much.

While waiting for the orders, Dan showed his family how good he has become at “naturally posing” for my pictures…

Before we knew it, the food arrived.

McCormick and Schmick’s is a very-dominantly seafood restaurant. To my surprise, there weren’t even vegetarian entrée options. However, I was able to piece together a great salad and side to make a complete meal.

Consumed: Romaine salad with apples, pecans and goat cheese, lightly dressed with vinaigrette. “Side” of butternut squash orzo. I also split some unpictured eggplant ratatouille with the others.

Although I had a limited selection for dinner, truly any option on the dessert menu would have been a winner.

I just simply couldn’t turn down “Kansas City’s #1 dessert,” the chocolate bag.

With a combination of dark chocolate, white chocolate mousse, raspberry puree and fresh berries, I can see why Kansas City residents voted it best in town.

But, after an already filling dinner, there was no chance I was tackling that thing alone…

Split among Claire, Dan’s parents and me, it was just perfect.

We didn’t forget about the birthday boy, though. He got a surprise of his own…

A miniature, personalized “chocolate cup!”

Pleasantly full and totally content, we all called it a night to head back to the waiting limo. But, I couldn’t leave without a picture with my boy.

It was yet another fantastic day.

But, because I was with Dan, that was no surprise.

Question: Did you ever have a surprise party?

My mom threw me a surprise birthday party in a hotel for my 11th birthday. I didn’t see it coming!

Looking for a laugh? I love this video from SNL. I mostly promise I didn’t act that way.



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