Thank Goodness It’s Fall Break!

The long weekend away from school could not have come at a more wonderful time.

Sometime around 10 o’clock, I pulled my lazy self away from the comfort of my bed to get started on the day.

And, by “get started,” I mean, “continue being lazy in another location.”

And, after a while of that, I decided to “get started with getting more started.” By that I mean, “bake some biscotti.” Naturally.

Double Chocolate Chip Biscotti


  • 3/4 C whole-wheat flour
  • 1/2 C all-purpose flour
  • 2 T cocoa powder
  • 1/3 C unsalted sunflower seeds
  • 1 t baking powder
  • 1/3 C sugar
  • 2 T brown sugar
  • 1/2 C dark chocolate chips
  • 2 T milled flax seeds
  • 9 T water
  • 1 t vanilla


  • Whisk together ingredients whole-wheat flour through chocolate chips in large mixing bowl.
  • In a small bowl, beat together milled flax seeds, water and vanilla.
  • Hollow out a well in the middle of flour mixture. Pour flax seed mix into well and mix thoroughly. Mixture will be crumbly—may need to use hands to knead into dough.
  • Form into two rectangles on greased cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Remove from oven and slice rectangles into long, thin slices. Rearrange on cookie sheet and bake for another 20 minutes.

Although I would have been more than happy to polish off the entire batch myself, I actually made it as a gift to Dan’s mom.

Fun fact: The first time I was going home with Dan to meet his parents, I wanted to bring his mom a gift. Dan told me she liked coffee, so I intentionally learned to make biscotti to bring to her as a gift.

I guess now that’s just becoming tradition!

Another fun fact: Dan’s mom is a fan of the blog! She even has one of my mantras hung on her fridge!

With an oven-fresh batch of biscotti, Dan and I had no choice but to go back to his house for a visit. There, we were greeted by a pack of cats.

There was no need to worry, though. We managed to scare the cats up a tree…

Which freed us up for an impromptu photo shoot.










Without a doubt, the best picture came last…

As sad as I was to see the first full day of break come to an end, there is still a lot of excitement to come. On the list: Pick pumpkins, navigate a corn maze, get a pre-race dinner, run a half-marathon and go to the Maple Leaf Festival.

Questions: What fall-time activities did you do growing up? Do you still do those things?

My family used to visit “Uncle John’s Pumpkin Patch” every year. I loved running through hay, picking pumpkin and eating cider doughnuts. This year, I talked Dan and his sister into going along with me to a nearby pumpkin patch!


5 responses to “TGIFB

  • Jessica

    I love biscotti. Your’s looks amazing!!!

  • Kathrin

    Oh, those biscotti just look wonderful! Looks like you had a great fall day!

    Thanks for a leaving a comment on my blog the other day and to answer your question, yes… culture shock goes both ways and I sometimes wonder, if I ever stop being surprised! 😉 I don’t think so!

  • Natalie

    Your weekend sounds so festive! We always used to go to the Maple Leaf Festival…it’ll be a good weekend for it, for sure. I love to carve pumpkins and toast the pumkin seeds. We used to do that as little girls.

  • Erin

    That biscotti look INCREDIBLE! Yum! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe… must keep it in mind… you’ve had some good recipes these past several weeks. 😉

    In the fall I always looked forward to raking leaves and stuffing those huge pumpkin bags full of them… I live in an apartment, so I can no longer enjoy that! But my mom and I would make caramel apples. I’m visiting home in Iowa now, so that’s something I should keep in mind… no reason not to do that!

  • Lucy Glover

    Thank you for being so thoughtful to make me biscotti. I just made a new batch from the original receipe you left me this summer. Now I have the receipe for the chocolate biscotti. It will be nice to mix it up. Barry is now hooked on it also with his coffee in the morning. He starts drinking decaf coffee with me in the mornings when the weather turns brisk. He is a fair or should I say brisk weather coffee drinker. Not a die hard like you and I. I like this biscotti tradition and am looking forward to more.

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