Things only seemed to go downhill for me after writing last night’s post…

I’ll spare you the specifics. But, suffice it to say that I traded my usual bedding for a porcelain pillow. Which is, by the way, not very comfortable.

Still, I optimistically set my alarm to wake up for class. When that thing started blaring, I almost wanted to laugh at how ridiculous the thought of me actually getting out of bed way. Instead, I stifled my laughter, turned the alarm off and rolled over for another few hours of sleep.

Finally, around 11 o’clock, I pulled myself into a semi-conscious state.

I wanted to go forward with my normal morning routine of getting ready and having breakfast. However, the thought of food nearly made me sick all over again.

Because I knew I was verging on dehydration, I did go downstairs to get a glass of water. In those simple few steps between my bedroom and the kitchen, I felt just about as drained as I did during last week’s half-marathon.

As if I hadn’t enough clues, that was the point at which I knew it was going to be a long day…

Fortunate for me, Dan came over after a while. Although I still felt just as miserably sick, it helped lift my spirits to have him around. Plus, he convinced me to have a few bites of soup during lunch and a few crackers for dinner…

There is almost nothing to tell about the rest of the day. After my venture downstairs, I managed to get back upstairs to my bed, which I didn’t move from again.

Worst of all, I have absolutely no idea what hit me. Dealing with my allergies is one thing, but this is a whole different beast. All I hope (again) is that I’m back to feeling better by tomorrow.

Here’s also to hoping that you’re doing better than I.


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