When a sure thing is a good thing

Some days I like pushing the limits…

Meters from the finish line of my first half-marathon.

… Making new friends…

Petting a cow on the German mountainside.


… And exploring exciting places…

Hiking in the Black Hills with my dad.

But, on other days, all I want is a sure thing.

Today was definitely one of the “sure thing” days.

For example, I wanted a sure thing on a scenic walk to campus. Fortunately, I was in luck, because Lawrence in the fall is just about as pretty as can be.

The trees were vibrant hues of dark red, burnt orange and vivid gold…

Even the fallen leaves maintained a solemn kind of beauty, especially in complement with a similarly faded wall…

In juxtaposition to it all were some flowers, which were making their last stand before the encroaching winter’s deep freeze…I also wanted a sure way to add a little more brightness to my day, so I staked out a spot on the edge of campus.

Before I knew it, a handsome boy came rounding the corner on his bike…

Which was definitely a sure way to make me smile.

As I walked a little father onto campus, dense brushes of trees were replaced with historic red-roofed buildings. But, wind-blown leaves managed to find their ways to Jayhawk Boulevard.

Naturally, because allowing the leaves to stay on the sidewalks would have been a safety hazard, the Facilities Operations crew came in to rake up piles of temptingly pillowy leaves.

A few classes and a little bit of work later, it was time for me to head home.

I didn’t spend too much time dwelling in what was sure to be a good chance to relax. Instead, I went for another sure thing with an easy elliptical workout. (Note: It was almost as good as my “sure thing” downhill run from yesterday.)

What’s more, I had a new magazine issue, which is a sure way to keep me entertained.

Once home and refreshed, I had Dan over for another sure to be good time. Plus, since there were pumpkins involved, the fun-factor was surely kicked up a notch…

… Especially since I skipped the carving and went straight for a hot-glue gun.

Unfortunately, the news room beckoned. So, I had to head back in for my copy editing shift.

I debated the idea of making a dinner at home, which is a sure way to save some money. Ultimately, my still-finicky appetite won out and I opted for Panera, which is definitely a sure thing.

Consumed: Half of a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich on whole-wheat bread. Paired with half of a Greek salad, minus the olives and with the dressing on the side. A few bites of whole-wheat baguette, for good measure.

In retrospect, the day may have been random. It may have been a bit more eating out, working out indoors and decorating pumpkins than normal. But, it may have also been a delight.

Scratch that… It was a sure thing.

Questions: What do you turn to for a “sure thing?”



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