A real day in the life: Night

Remember that beautifully staged lunch that I displayed during the afternoon post?

Yeah, all the time I spent arranging the food actually ate up most of my time. So, after only eating a few carrots and the yogurt, I packed it all back up again to bring along to a new location.

Also note the plastic bag. It’s just one of the many bags I have stored in a random kitchen cupboard to use again as lunch bags. Sometimes I tell myself that I should bring reusable bags to the store… But, then I don’t. Using the old plastic bags for lunch counts as “reusable,” though, right?

Anyway, I took that lunch to go and hiked it up the big hill between my classes.

Funny thing, I can make it through a half-marathon, but I still get winded by chugging up this mini-mountain. Who said Kansas is flat?

Hope as I might to have had a chance to relax after my editing class, I couldn’t ignore the call of homework. Pulling hard on my self-discipline, I decided to go by the library for focused study environment…

… And books. Lots and lots of books.

There are two big libraries on campus, located not too far apart. But, I always choose to go to Watson, which is legendary for its “stacks.”

The only problem is that navigating Watson can be a tidbit confusing.

(And, where might Harry Potter be boarding the train?)

With the help of my stacks map, I was, indeed, able to locate my book and find my way out. Then, I settled down at a community table next to a cute boy.

Yeah, I’m strategic.

By that point, I was also hungry.

Consumed: Kashi Trail Mix bar.

A little while later, I felt my eyes glazing over the words on the pages, so I knew it was time to call a break.

Dan agreed, so we went back to his hall to hang out. And, by “hang out,” I mean, “play fiercely competitive pool.”

I mean, just look at that concentration!

I had the first shot on the eight ball, but messed it up and Dan pounced in on the win.

Five minutes later, when he was done gloating on his unprecedented win, I decided to suggest a competitor-neutral sport: Watching some TV!

Plus, we kicked our feet up for good measure.

I didn’t rest for too long, because I was in the mood to bake.

So, while two other boys were working on dinner, I whipped up three batches of almond-scented chocolate chip cookies. (Note: Seriously, if you haven’t checked out that recipe yet, do! It’s my all-time favorite.)

Although it was a little tough to tango around the kitchen while there was so much other cooking going on, the boys were helpful with some of the heavy lifting.

Plus, I got a free dinner in return.

Consumed: Romaine lettuce salad with big dollop of hummus and “croutons” of torn up cheese breadstick.

Then dessert was a natural.

Although I could have eaten all three by myself (and, let’s be real, I probably did with the bits of dough that I snuck) this plate was actually for Dan and me to split. It’s a good thing we grabbed them before dinner, too! By the time I walked back inside, they were all gone!

One boy walking out of the dining room with a plate of the cookies asked, “Did you make these?”

I told him yes and he said, “They are so freaking good!”

Dan and I hung out for a little bit more, but something told me that he needed to get some sleep…

Yeah, thanks, I got the message.

So, I went home and took advantage of the time to do some much-needed yoga and Pilates.

Oh, child.

I would have preferred to go for a more cardio-oriented workout, but the day simply didn’t allow it. It was all good, though, because it turns out that my muscles really needed the yoga stretch.

Then, since it’s not a complete day without a little bit of sweetness, I broke out the good stuff…

Which I consumed while getting back to the homework.

I ended the night with a bite of crystallized ginger. Such a good palate cleanser!

I ended up going to sleep around midnight, which is definitely later than I prefer. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Question: How do you end your day?

If it was all up to me, I’d unwind by reading a book for leisure. Unfortunately, that is moderately rare.

Check out what else I did in the day by looking at my morning and afternoon.


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