Real day in the life: Morning

Day after day, I talk about the importance of living healthfully.

This is because, quite basically, I do live healthfully. I believe in treating my body, mind and soul with care.

But, in this (as in everything), I’m far from “perfect.”

I try to demonstrate that as best as I can in my blog, because I believe it is imperfection that makes me who I am.

Nonetheless, sometimes I do sugarcoat things a little bit. I do sneak and extra bite of chocolate. I do take the bus home from school. I do run slow.

I don’t (really) fail to mention these things intentionally. They just fade in and then out with the rest of my days.

That’s why, in the interest of full disclose, I decided to truly document a day in my (mostly) healthy life.

It’s 6 a.m. and the alarm isn’t going off. Yet, I’m awake.

Last year, this wouldn’t have been strange. In fact, it would have been strange if I wasn’t awake.

Because of an uncontrollably different schedule this year, I usually hit the “sleep” button a few times. But, for some reason, I woke up naturally this morning.

Instead of denying my sleeplessness, I decided to take advantage of some extra time and get work done by applying for classes from the comfort of bed.

Because I’m in my University’s honors program, I am eligible to enroll in classes before most other students. This has always been helpful with allowing me to get the specific courses I want and need.

Before too long, I had to accept reality by getting ready for school.


(Insert application of makeup basics: foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.)

After: I know that the before/after reveal isn’t too drastic, because I aim for a pretty natural look.

Once I looked ready to enter society, I need to give myself proper fuel. Which, in my case, requires coffee.

I’d prefer something a little higher quality. But, instant coffee definitely cuts it when I’m in a pinch.

After all, coffee is coffee and I do appreciate a bit of caffeine. However, I do limit my intake to one cup of joe per day.

Once the coffee business was settled, I refocused my attentions on breakfast.

First, I prepped by getting out the necessary ingredients, which included some frozen pumpkin.

I also saved a “secret” ingredient to top it all with. I say “secret,” only because I tend to leave out the fact that my maple syrup is sugar-free.

Nine times out of ten, I go for pure, clean foods. But, sometimes I opt for things a little more “artificial.” (Note: This also applies to the occasional Diet Coke.)

I mixed it all together and popped it in the microwave for some quick, simple cooking.

Then, it was time for the photo shoot.

Consumed: 1/3 C oats, cooked with 2/3 C water, 1/4 C frozen pumpkin, vanilla and pumpkin pie spice. Stirred with scoop of peanut butter. Topped with (sugar-free) maple syrup and a few chocolate chips.

I should also note that a few extra chocolate chips may have been misplaced somewhere between the cupboard and the bowl…

But I can’t really comment on that.

What I can comment on is that, as pretty as my “photoshoot-ready” breakfast looks, that not the state in which it’s actually consumed. I actually get down to the eating business only after stirring everything together…

That’s more like it.

As for another unmentionable, I prefer to shoot my food in natural light. The only problem is that this sometimes puts me in awkward situations…

I mean, just try to explain a girl, crouching down, taking pictures of oatmeal in the outdoors to some random passerby.

On second thought, don’t.

I moved inside (and to worse light) to actually eat my breakfast while multitasking with email and The Today Show.

Time always seems to go into warp-speed during this time, because, before I knew it, it was time to rush off to school.

So, rush I did…

Check out the details of my busy afternoon in a post that will go up later today.

In the meantime…

Question: What are your mornings usually like?




4 responses to “Real day in the life: Morning

  • Joanne

    My morning: wake before alarm; check clock and calculate how much more sleep time I will get before alarm blares. Shut eyes and roll over to another comfortable sleep position. Alarm goes off. Hit snooze button and determine how many more times I can hit snooze before I absolutely have to be out of bed. Second alarm blares and I decide I must get up IF I am to make it to my morning meeting. Scramble out of bed and scratch my head trying to decide what to wear. Bemoan the fact that it’s cold outside and it requires warmer clothes. Finally pull something together, quickly iron, run through the shower, put on makeup (minimal, like my daughter) and run out the door. Someday I will actually get out of bed before the alarm, perhaps I will have some quiet time with a cup of coffee, plan my day, leisurely get dressed and leave the house with time to spare!

  • Katelyn Johnson

    Lately I’ve been getting up at 5:30 to go to the 6:15 classes at the rec. I come home, shower, get ready (natural look too!), eat breakfast, MAYBE print slides for class or study 15 to 20 minutes then leave for class at 9:10

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