Some candidates love to make grandiose promises in attempts to win over susceptible voters. Then, the moment that anyone begins asking questions, the candidates quickly change the subject.

But, within the past few weeks, I’ve found something I can truly believe in.

This is something that does make claims, but it also has the ability to meet those claims.

So, today, I proudly went out and stood up for something that I believe in…


College means many things to many people: Moving from parental curfews to bar closing calls. Advancing from classes nondescriptly titled “history” to courses so complex you can’t remember the title, let alone the lecture information. Swapping a tall glass of milk for an icy brew to sip during dinner.

The only problem is that, unlike later bedtimes and complicated classes, failure to get enough calcium can have ver serious health consequences — especially among growing college students.

For that reason, H.O.M.E.B.A.S.E, a campus group devoted to promoting healthy living, tried to convince students to get more calcium with a tried and true method: offering free things!

Today, I squeezed an hour in between by classes and my copy editing shift to help pass out free milk and answer questions at the recreation center.

I always have a good time talking with people about health-related topics, so it was automatically exciting. Plus, we offered soy milk (which my stomach prefers) in addition to regular milk. Surprisingly (or now), it was the first time that many students had ever tried soy milk!

Admittedly, my own relationship with most sources of calcium has been shaky. When I was growing up, I despised yogurt, I refused to eat anything with cheese and the only way I’d drink a glass of milk was if it had half a cup of chocolate syrup stirred into it.

Suffice it to say that my calcium intake was probably pretty low.

Fortunately, somewhere around the time that I realized the Spice Girls were not the best band ever, I also realized that getting calcium isn’t a chore.

Now, I load up on calcium with:

  • Bowls of cereal with unsweetened vanilla soy milk (30% per 8 oz.)
  • Cups of non-fat  yogurt (35% per 8 oz.)
  • Sprinkles of cheese ( Swiss cheese has the highest calcium count with 22% per ounce)
  • Nighttime scoops of light ice cream (6% per half cup)
  • Dark, leafy vegetables (broccoli has 9% per raw cup)

Now, that’s something that both my body and soul can believe in.

Questions: Do you think you get enough calcium? What’s your favorite method of getting calcium?


4 responses to “Calci-yum

  • Joanne McCoy

    What??? The Spice Girls AREN’T the best band ever?

  • Circe

    I love this post. I am a huge lover of dairy in all it’s variable forms, so thank you for promoting it so well.

    I always choose soy milk for my lattes, it has nothing to do with nutrition, I genuinely love the way a latte tasts when it’s made with soy milk.

    Also, my milk producers and dietitians around here are pormoting chocolate milk as the perfect after workout food. So if you like it have it then and enjoy, don’t feel badly about it.

    finally, the Spice Girls are the best band ever.

    thanks again

  • christina

    i LOVE calcium! i really hope i get enough, but i feel like the daily requirement is so much more! i drink milk EVERY SINGLE DAY (love it so much) and eat lots of yogurt, cottage cheese, regular cheese, and of course i get my ice cream fix. have a great day!!

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