Pep back in my step

Once upon a time, I used to be fast. I even have the high school track medals to prove it.

But, after years of circling a track, I was ready to take on a new challenge by trying to build my endurance. Now, I have a half-marathon medal to prove that.

The only problem is that I am now slightly stumped for what to do next.

On one hand, I loved running track, but I’m not sure that I’ll be asked to compete in the 100-meter hurdles anytime soon. So pure speed-work is out.

On the other hand, I also loved the sense of accomplishment I got upon crossing the finish. But, realistically, my days are just too busy to allot time for full-marathon training.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come to a conclusion and it’s one I’m pretty gosh darn happy with: I am going to do exactly what I want for a while.

I’ve been so tied down to goals and training plans lately that I am just itching for freedom. Consequently, both my enthusiasm and my workouts have fallen into ruts.

So, instead of setting long-term goals (which inevitably make me more eager to get done with than to enjoy), I am going to focus on some more short-term fitness goals.

Case and point #1: I am signed up with run that Dallas Turkey Trot 8-mile race. That means that I have to maintain my endurance for three weeks. It also means that, unlike my half-marathon, I have a bit more flexibility with my workouts.

Case and point #2: Today, I really wanted to do a speed workout on the track, which is something I had sorely missed during the peak of my endurance training.

Then, instead of checking my training plan to see if that was ok, I just did it. Better yet, I was able to talk Dan into working out with me.

We hit the track in style with semi-matching jackets and got down to business.

Short-Sprint Workout

  • Warm-up with an easy 800 m jog (two laps around the track)
  • Sprint 50 m, jog 50 m (x2)
  • Do 25 straight crunches, 15 crunches to each side
  • Sprint 50 m, jog 50 m (x2)
  • Do one minute of straight plank, 30 seconds of plank on each side
  • Sprint 50 m, jog 50 m (x2)
  • Do 10 m of lunges, 10 m of lunges on each side
  • Stride (80% effort) 100 m, walk back and repeat
  • Do 20 push-ups
  • Sprint 50 m, jog 50 m (x2)
  • Run an easy 400 m cool-down
  • Stretch!

It was short, sweet and fantastic. Still, tomorrow will probably be something entirely different… And, for the first time in a while, I can’t wait.

Questions: What kind of fitness goals do you like to set for yourself?

I liked the half-marathon, but it also taught me that I prefer shorter endurance runs, such as 10Ks. This spring, I also want to try some more technical races.


One response to “Pep back in my step

  • Tina

    I like setting goals that don’t put too much pressure on me and that allow me to have flexibility and fun in my workouts. I like working out for ME and not for a date looming overhead. I trained for a fitness competition a year ago and it made me dread workouts, which has never happened until I felt like I HAD to do certain things. Love your approach right now! 🙂

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