Technically speaking

During the week, I am usually so pressed for time that it’s an accomplishment if I can stay ahead of my homework.

But, when the weekend rolls around and I have a bit more time to spare, I love nothing more than making a visit to one of the local coffee shops to zero-in on some work.

There, I am somehow able to siphon energy from all that is going on around me (whether it be live music or the intellectual conversations that I can’t help but overhear) and really churn out some good quality work.

This Saturday, my to-do list was deceptively short, because the few items actually required a good among of work. So, it was an obvious decision to pack my bag and head over to the coffee shop.

I ordered a white raspberry cold-pressed coffee…

Which was perfect for fueling my work-session.

I spent the next couple of hour in a coffee shop-induced trance, where the words just flowed from my fingertips and the time drifted away.

Before I knew it, I realized it was 3 o’clock and I still hadn’t had lunch. (Although it helped that I had a late breakfast!)

I still had a few more things to take care of downtown, so I didn’t want to go all the way home. Plus, it gave me a convenient excuse to swing by one of my favorite bakeries in Lawrence: WheatFields.

Even though it was getting late, I still wasn’t too hungry, so I opted for a simple PB&J that was kicked up a notch thanks to chewy multi-grain bread and cherry jelly.

With my sandwich to go, I headed outside to soak up the fabulous sunshine while flipping through a copy of Runner’s World.

After lunch, I spent a little time walking around downtown to allow my food to settle. Then, I swung back by my car, threw in my bags and took off for a semi-impromptu run.

(Hmm, what could have inspired me?)

I love an excuse to take in new scenery, so I took a different direction outside of town, where I ran into some riverside trails.

Between the views, the curvy trail and the perfect weather, it was absolutely one of the best runs I’ve had in a while.

Fun fact: Technical running is my favorite.

The rest of the night was pretty low-key, so I’m going to jump ahead to the next highlight: Sunday lunch.

Swiss and Apple Panini



  • Using toaster, lightly toast the bread.
  • Meanwhile, wash and thinly slice the apple.
  • Once bread is toasted, evenly spread all four slices of bread with the cheese. Top two of the slices of bread, cheese side up, with apples. Cover with the other slice of bread, cheese side down.
  • Heat a non-stick grill pan to medium-high. Put sandwiches down, cover with another pan and firmly press down for about one minute. Flip and repeat, until both sides are lightly browned.

I only made half of the recipe and had the other half of the apple on the side, along with a cup of miso soup, which was leftover from dinner the night before.

Easy, breezy deliciousness.

Notice something else missing? Now, if you’ve checked out the blog before (or have ever met me), then you’d know that I’m not one to skip breakfast. Instead, it was just so gosh, darn amazing that I need to devote a whole post to it… Check back on Monday for all the scrumptious details.

In the meantime, guess the secret ingredient. Here are the hints:

  • This doesn’t grow naturally in Kansas
  • Although it’s extra sweet, it’s also a player in some savory dishes
  • It’s a compound word

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