Today I am saying sayonara to frosty Kansas and heading south to Dallas, Texas!

But, ahem, not like I’m excited or anything…

I will admit that the warmer temperatures are definitely an advantage, but I am mostly excited about being able to spend time with family. And, I don’t just mean one or two aunts and uncles…

My mom (front and center) was the youngest of eight kids, all of whom were born within 10 years.

Those kids went on to have kids of their own, with a total of 12 grandchildren.

Throughout time, some of the individual families have moved to various places around the country. But, they’ve all since returned to Texas.

With the exception of my mom.

Even though I’ve never lived in the same state as the majority of my family, I am still extremely close to them all, which makes every holiday special. But, this year is particularly special to me, because it is when I get to introduce Dan to my family.

I have no doubt that they will love him… especially since he is a native Texan!

Anyways, I was almost too giddy with excitement to sleep last night. Fortunately, I did manage to get some shut eye all the way until the sun came up, at which time I bound downstairs to dig into breakfast.

Consumed: Nonfat blueberry yogurt with 1/4 C oats, 1 T jelly and frozen blueberries, all left to sit in the fridge overnight. Topped in the morning with peanut butter.

Because I still had to wait a few hours for Dan to finish up classes, I needed to come up with a way to occupy myself. What to do, what to do…



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