Basic: Caramelized onions

I’m back from Texas, which is neither totally good nor totally bad. It just is.

One thing that I DO know for sure is that there is a lot to catch up on with the ol’ blog and I’m excited to share my adventures with everyone.

But, until I have access to Internet on my own computer, want to see something beautiful?

Take this…


Turn it to this…

Finish it off like this…

 And then enjoy!

Honestly, I think that caramelized onions are like the cherry on top of savory dishes. They are just able add a delightfully complex sweetness in a way unlike anything else.

The only problem is that my impatience often gets in the way of taking the time to make them. Then, whenever I do take the time to make caramelized onions, I kick myself for wondering why I don’t make ’em more often. It’s a vicious cycle…

But, there is no need for that cycle to continue: Other than the fact that they take a while to make, there is no other excuse not to caramelize onions at home. The process is super simple and incredibly low-mantinance.

Here’s how it works…

Caramelized Onions


  • 1 yellow onion
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


  • Cut onion in half and then cut each half into very thin slices.
  • Liberally splash a large, nonstick skillet with olive oil. Place over low heat, add onions and shake the pan so that onions spread evenly on the skillet surface.
  • Allow to cook for 5-10 minutes, stir and repeat for at least 45 minutes to more than an hour. Onions will have shrunk in size and should be a deep brown.
  • Season with salt and pepper right before removing the onions from heat.

(Note: You can cook your onions until they are darker than in the pictures above. Just depends on preference.)

Just throw these on the stove while doing some other cooking in the kitchen. For example, I like making a big batch on Sunday and then using them throughout the week to add a little depth to my dishes.

Better yet, caramelized onions are extremely versatile. They can be used on sandwiches, scrambled with eggs, mixed with mashed potatoes, on top of casserole or, as I did today, with a salad.

Consumed: Romaine lettuce, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, carrots, black beans, corn and hummus.

Actually, when I feel that my time is  crunched, it’s little things like this that make my day a little nicer.

Question: What do you think is worth “slowing down” for?

P.S. Thanksgiving/ Turkey Trot/ Family/ Whole Foods recap to come soon!



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