All I want for Christmas…

It’s officially December. I’m sorry if that comes as a shock.

Around here, though, it was a little hard not to notice that Christmas is just around the corner…

Sadly, just look a little closer and you will notice something very wrong with this picture…

There are no gifts under the tree!

I’m playing Santa to make some contributions of my own…

Sometimes it’s just so hard figuring out what to get for other people — Even if they are friends and family! So, because I don’t want anyone to spend hours agonizing about what to get me, I decided to put together a few suggestions…

Vera Bradley Laptop Portfolio (in Barcelona pattern)

I have a long, established relationship with Vera Bradley and know that the brand would never let me down. Plus, when it comes to my precious laptop, I don’t like taking chances with it. So, why not make the logical combination of fashionable Vera and a secure Mac.

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager

Honestly, my main motivation for going to the Rec these days (instead of my apartment’s gym) is that there are foam rollers, i.e. blessings for sore muscles. So, I would love to get a muscle roller to use at home after any of my long workouts.

Nike Tempo Track Women’s Running Shorts

The fact that I already have three pairs of these shorts is insignificant. I LOVE THEM! Enough said.

Tofu Xpress

I’m taking a bit of a chance on this one, but I’ve heard rave reviews about the Tofu Xpress and would love to see how it compares with my “paper towel tofu press” method.

Gap Essential Basic Bra

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this bra would offer me zero support, but listen me out: I currently have a slightly worn-down bra top that I like to use as a little extra coverage instead of a full tank top.

Madden Girl Buckle Riding Boots

I really find no joy in shopping for shoes. Yet, somehow, I love shopping for (and wearing) boots. I have a pair of black riding boots, which are arguably my best purchase ever. But, I would like to expand my boot collection with a brown pair.

Of course, I know that the real point of Christmas is taking time to appreciate the gifts that Jesus has given me.

I’m just saying that the boots wouldn’t hurt as an extra little bonus…

Question: What do you want for Christmas?

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