“Me” time

With my morning class cancelled, today I got my first little taste of what break will offer. And I liked what I tasted…

I also liked what I tasted with my breakfast.

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water. Half a scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1/2 t chia seeds, 1/2 banana, drizzle of agave, a few dark chocolate chips and a spoonful of dark chocolate almond butter.

Growing up, my mom treated me to a special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes on my birthday, first day of school or some other special occasion. Now, because I doubt that my mom wants to wake up at 4 a.m. to start the drive down to make me breakfast, I’m on my own for those special occasion treats. So that’s why I went all out on my last real day of class!

Then, instead of rushing off to a busy morning of classes, I just got to kick my feet up and relax. It was nice to have a little company, too.

Plus, she served as a wonderful foot warmer.

Once my breakfast had the chance to settle and the Today Show started getting into “desperate topics,” I decided to brave the cold and go out for a run. The only problem was that I became blinded by the “warm 40 degrees” and failed to notice that there was a 34 degree wind chill and a pretty decently strong, steady wind.

It wasn’t until I rounded the first corner and got smacked in the face with a gust of cold wind that I realized my ensemble of shorts and a long sleeve technical shirt wasn’t quite right. But, I decided there was no turning around at that point: Go big or go home (and risk pneumonia!)

The good news was that I was only planning on my standard three-mile loop around the neighborhood, so it wasn’t too unbearable. Next time though, I’m going to pay a little more attention to all the details of the forecast!

Regardless, it was still nice to get outside for a run. I’ve been getting a little too familiar with the treadmill lately…

The jaunt also worked my appetite up a little bit, so I used the excuse to eat the second half of my banana (plus a little more dark chocolate almond butter).

Consumed: Caramel rice cake with dark chocolate almond butter and half a banana.

Unfortunately I still had my afternoon class, so I had to clean myself up a little bit. Again, because it was a special occasion, I went a little dressier than usual.

Remarkably, I got ready with enough time to spare that I was able to make a stop by The Merc, my local natural foods store. It was an added bonus that they have some fantastic seasonal coffee.

Consumed: Small, skim gingerbread latte.

It was also a good place to set up temporary office and have a very portable “lunch” (because my snack wasn’t too long before and I wasn’t too hungry).

Consumed: Peanut Toffee Butter Clif Bar.

This things are fi-i-illing, which kept me going all the way through my last class of the semester! Now all this is left is a week of tests. I can do that!

Afterward, I spent some quality time at the doctor’s office for an appointment and blood work. What better way to celebrate the end of classes, right?

I did treat myself to a little celebration afterward by running some errands to search for Christmas presents. I love the hunt for perfect gifts!

I didn’t end up making it home until after four o’clock, so I dove right into a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal and some trail mix. I would have had a little bit more, but I planned on making dinner soon, so I held off.

Good thing I did, too, because dinner was a delicious, big, green and hearty salad.

Consumed: Romaine lettuce, carrots, roasted red peppers, a ton of steamed edamame, hickory smoked tofu, big scoop of quinoa, parmesan cheese and a huge scoop of spinach and artichoke hummus.

This hit the spot in a very, very good way. However, the real best part of the meal was that I had some company by that point: Dan was over! He was also glad to be done with classes, but had been feeling sick all day. So, instead of going out to celebrate, I made him (meaning warmed up) some chicken noodle soup and enjoyed a night at home with NBC comedies and a dessert bowl of ice cream…

Because as Tracy Jordan says, “Laughter IS the best medicine!”

Questions: Are you on break yet? Any “priorities” on your list?

I’m not officially on break until next Wednesday, but at that point I’m looking forward to spending time with my family.

Friday Fragments: Jennifer LaRue Huget, from The Washington Post, is one of my favorite health writers. So, that’s why when she set out to lose weight before her birthday, I was interested to see how it’d be done.

(Read about it here.)

Granted, I’m not 50 and I’m not looking to lose weight, but I think the way that Huget went about the process is something that all people can take note of.

First of all, she set some rules for herself. But, unlike typical diet rules of “no desserts” or “no food after 7  p.m.,” Huget’s rules were about never skipping meals and continuing to eat a good, healthy amount of calories.

Those are some words of wisdom that I wish I’d listened to before I got trapped in a bad habit of trying to cut more and more calories…

What do you think?



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