Sick Day

Yesterday was a sick day. Granted, Dan was the one who was sick. But, I still wanted to spend time with him and will him back to health.

Of course, my morning started off with breakfast.

Consumed: Two whole-wheat waffles, dark chocolate almond butter, banana and syrup.

Because the next few hours were spent with Dan, channel surfing and relaxing, the next big event for the day was actually lunch.

Consumed: “Easy Apple Dippers” with nonfat vanilla yogurt mixed with a spoonful of peanut butter and sprinkled with cinnamon. Apple on the side for dipping. I also had a big bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal.

It was so fortunate that Dan got sick on a day that we didn’t have school, but the fantastic 60-degree weather made it difficult to stay locked up inside. Ultimately, Dan and I decided that a little fresh air might go some good, so we headed out to nearby Clinton Lake.

We arrived just a little while before the sun was supposed to set, which meant that we got to enjoy the beauty of dusk.

We walked down by the shore…

And while Dan had fun skipping rocks…

I had fun taking pictures…

After a while, though, I was able to wrangle Dan back in…

I think we both would have been content with spending a little more time enjoying the scenery and holding onto the last breaths of warm air, but we had to get back to the car before dark.

By that time, we were also getting hungry. The pickings in my kitchen were pretty sparse, so we decided to go downtown and pick up some Noodles & Co. to go.

Other people must have had similar ideas to go downtown, because it was pretty tricky to find a parking space. That just meant that we got to stroll along the street and take in some of the holiday lights.

In less than 10 minutes, the ever-dependable Noodles and Co. was good to go, so we opted to take it back to my place for some leisurely eating.

Consumed: Some Japanese Pan Noodles with a homemade side salad.

Meanwhile, Dan had some mac ‘n’ cheese with chicken noodle soup. He was sick, after all.

Although it was fantastic to get outside for part of the day, it was also nice to bunker down and enjoy a warm night at home. Because we knew that Friday night options on TV are pretty limited, Dan and I grabbed “Shutter Island” from Redbox on the way home.

Neither Dan nor I are big “movie people,” but I have a hard time resisting Leonardo DiCaprio. The actual movie was pretty decent and kept us guessing the whole time. I’d recommend it as a “see it once” kind of thing.

Especially considering that it was a sick day, it also turned out to be a wonderful day. Maybe I should convince Dan to be sick more often…

Questions: What do you do on “sick days.” Have you seen any good movies lately?

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