Fast and flurry-ous

I was itching to go out on a run this morning. The only problem was that the temperature had dropped a good 40 degrees from yesterday and there were snow flurries in the air to make sure I was aware of that.

But, itching-to-run legs are itching-to-run legs. Nothing was going to stop me. So, I bundled up a little bit better than the time before, complete with running leggings, a technical shirt, vest, hat and gloves.

For a little extra incentive, I took a running partner along…

I didn’t go that long, but it definitely felt good to get my legs churning. Plus, the cold air ensured that I moved along fast! I did a good Pilates workout when I got home, which served both to stretch me out and to give me a little strength work. Nice combination.

Afterward, I did a little baking. As is typically the case, the recipe turned out to be vegan, which brings to me an important subject:

Why I like to bake vegan

I am certainly not vegan: Yogurt, ice cream and cheese are all regular parts of my diet that I don’t really want to give up.

But, when it comes to baking my own treats, I usually go with vegan recipes. I’ll admit that sometimes this is for reasons as simple as only having soy milk on hand. For the most part, though, I bake vegan because I really, really enjoy vegan baked goods.

1. It’s even easier to multiply or divide recipes.

I used to get frustrated with big recipes that only called for one egg. What was I supposed to do if I wanted to divide it? Now, even if recipes call for eggs, I can almost always substitute a “flax egg,” which consist of 1 T ground flax meal and 3 T water. That way, I can easily divide the recipe by using 1/2 T flax meal and 1 1/2 T water!

2. Vegan cookies stay big and delicious!

    Components of non-vegan butter and eggs tend to make baked good spead out, where as vegan alternatives allow the baked goods to keep their structure. Although some people may like the flatter cookies, my philosophy is the bigger the better!

    3. It’s fine to eat the dough Sometimes it’s even encouraged!

    I may actually be more of a fan of cookie dough than of cookies. And that’s saying something, because cookies are my favorite types of dessert!

    However, my mom wasn’t so keen on exposing me to possible salmonella when I was growing up. Now, because I don’t use eggs, I can eat the dough to my heart’s content (although it’s probably better for my stomach that I draw some kind of line!).

    For all those reasons, I knew that Mama Pea’s “Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls” would be mind-blowing.

    I was right.

    Now do yourself a favor and try to bake vegan!

    Questions: Have you ever tried to make vegan baked goods? Any favorite recipes?


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