(Not so) Stinkin’ Lincoln

The good news is that I am back to my parents’ house.

The bad news is that it appears they’ve rigged the reclining chair — I’ve flipped over twice, dazzling my sister with my ability to continuously keep a water-glass upright.

I’m choosing to believe that recliner mishaps aren’t my parents’ attempt to send me a signal about what they think about my arrival home. Unlike my own, their pantry is entirely filled, which means I’m fine with staking it out here for a while…

The day actually began a few hundred miles away in Lawrence, Kansas, with a pretty standard breakfast.

Consumed: 1/3 C oats cooked with 2/3 C water and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mixed with frozen blueberries, sunflower seed butter and a little light soy milk. Topped with a little bit of vanilla almond granola.

Then, I headed off to finish my last final for “Protests and Revolutions.” To summarize the course, “never be a revolution leader” and remember that “civil wars are really bad.” I knew those two things, so I think I did well on the test.

Afterward, I swung by Dan’s scholarship hall for the semester’s last game of pool. I even came within a few shots of him! Unfortunately, Dan’s finals go until Friday, so he had to get back to studying. Gloomily, I said goodbye to him until Sunday when he’s coming up to Nebraska. I know that means we are only spending a few days apart, but it really seems like a big deal — I’ve seen him every single day since I got back from Germany in August!

What can I say? I’m just kind of crazy about the guy…

Anyway, I did say goodbye, I did get in the car and I did drive all the way to “Stinkin’ Lincoln.” Except, it’s not so “stinkin'” any more, because we just got a Trader Joe’s!

Holy amazingness… I might be in love. Among my personal “finds” were peanut flour, peanut butter-filled pretzels, soybean and flax tortilla chips, whole-grain hot cereal and another special surprise to give to the other love in my life. Cryptic, right?

My sister had been tied up with speech practice all the way until after 6 o’clock. When she finally finished, we quickly coordinated a plan with my mom to meet up at Panera for a quick dinner. The meal was nothing too impressive, but nothing to complain about, either.

Consumed: Half of a Mediterranean veggie sandwich on wheat with half a Greek salad. Served with a small apple on the side.

Not long after getting home, my dad got home from work, so I sat around talking with him for a bit. We also bonded over experiences at KU’s journalism school… Look, I’m on the front cover of the latest alumni newsletter!

Then, I seated myself near the TV and finally got hit with an “I’m on break” feeling: I could just relax with no real homework dwelling in the back of my mind!

Plus, I had a few new snacks…

Consumed: Peanut butter-filled pretzels, chocolate chips and one of my sister’s white chocolate-covered Oreo balls.

As well as some very fuzzy company…

After a while, I even figured out how to keep the reclining chair upright.

Yeah, I think I might stay a while…

Question: Do you still live in the town you grew up in?

I’ve lived all over the place — Michigan, Ohio and Nebraska to be exact — But “home” is where my family is.



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