I’m a bore

Today was exactly what I wanted my first day of break to be: relaxing. That means that it was good news for me, bad news for my camera. I even had to resort to taking pictures of my cat just to have something to put on the ol’ blog.

Just so you don’t get confused, there was also some good food involved, all starting off with a bowl of Trader Joe’s whole-grain cereal and crunchy almond butter.

Consumed: 1/4 C whole-grain cereal cooked with 1/2 C water, mixed with a spoonful of almond butter and topped with maple syrup and crunchy Kashi cereal.

Breakfast was actually pretty light because I tried to sleep in as late as I could while still making it to the YMCA for a kickboxing class. I ended up giving my stomach just enough time to settle before I got my punch, kick and jab on.

Let me set the scene: The instructor, two older women and me. How hard could the class really be? Well, I got my butt kicked. Although I was feeling the burn, it was definitely the workout I had been craving. I certainly plan on taking as much advantage as possible of my family’s YMCA pass…

After the class, I had just enough time to get home, get showered and head out to meet my sister for lunch at Qdoba.

Although I consider Qdoba a semi-knockoff of Chipotle, the food still hit the spot.

Consumed: “Naked Taco Salad” with corn, black beans, cheese, salsa and a little chipotle ranch dressing. My sister and I also shared some tortilla chips.

My sister and I met up with my mom after lunch to run an errand. Wish I could share more details, but that time will come… Anyway, I promptly went back home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out on the couch. Somewhere between episodes of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” I even fell asleep. Now that has to be close to the definition of break.

Friday Fragments: I have an instinctive dislike of celebrity culture. I just think it feeds into unrealistic expectations and unhealthy fixations. Yet, as a living, breathing human, I can’t help but notice the covers of tabloids. As I mentioned, I even tune into some episodes of “Real Housewives.” (Although they are far, far from “real.”)

Still, it only takes one ridiculous example to remind me just why it is that I don’t like feeding into celebrity hype.

Exhibit A: A recent website article about Kristin Cavillari, of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” fame.

Why, oh why, is it necessary to scrutinize how Cavallari looks from the front and back in a pair of shorts? In what way does this possibly contribute to the world?

For the record, the article also offers another example of Cavallari last year when she was much, much thinner. Although it is obvious that Cavallari is healthier in the shorts shots than the other pictures, the article doesn’t imply anything about the health. All it does is compare how she looks in shorts. Ridiculous.

What do you think?




5 responses to “I’m a bore

  • allieksmith

    I love break! Yay! I have been pretty lazy as well… like printing coloring pages and getting out colored pencils for real HAHA. I love it 🙂 YMCA classes kick my butt too… spinning to be exact! You made me lol with the picture of your cat! I also haven’t been to qdoba in forever.. now I want to go!

  • fitchocoholic

    I completely agree with you on the celebrity thing. While the cause for my disordered eating wasn’t a desire to be thin, it is for many people, and seeing celebrities idolized for being too thin is destructive.
    By the way, I wish I had a YMCA pass…looove kickboxing. =P

  • Jess

    All of this celebrity stuff just drives me crazy!! And she looks so much better “curvy” as the article says (even though I still think she is pretty thin). Why is this necessary!!

  • movesnmunchies

    ugh those articles are sO annoying.. Kristin looks HEALTHy now!

  • Lindsay

    I hate the articles where “healthy” actors and actress’ are attacked for not being rail thin. I wish that we could change this about our society. When I first saw her picture I thought she looked great and I am sure that the article criticized her for not being boney enough!! 😦

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