Doubling up

Know what’s better than fresh carrot cake waffles for breakfast?

Frozen carrot cake waffles that only require popping in the toaster for a still delicious, even easier breakfast.

Consumed: Two carrot cake waffles with a little maple syrup for dipping.

Dan had to be up and back on the road toward Kansas by 7 o’clock this morning. Naturally, I got up to provide him some breakfast and wish him a goodbye. The only reason that I was semi-okay with his leaving was that I knew I’d see him the next day when I go down to Kansas!

Although it was tempting to crawl back into bed after Dan left, I had plans with my friend Katelyn for a freezing and breezing run around a local lake. Quickly, the “run” turned into more of a part jog, part walk and talk, but I think that was fine with both of us. It was just nice to get out and do some more catching up.

We planned to go by Hobby Lobby afterward for some casual perusing, but the store wasn’t set to open for another 15 minutes. We decided to use that time to swing by a coffee shop for a warming drink.

We went in and both placed our orders. Then, as we went to pay, the cashier said that the drinks were on a Secret Santa — Apparently a woman had come in earlier and left something like $50 or $100 to go toward other customer’ drinks until the money ran out. Sounds cheesy, but that warmed my heart about 10 times more than my chai possibly could…

Although the drink was warming, too. Now I just have to figure out how to pay the good will forward!

With our free drinks in hand, we made it over to Hobby Lobby right after the doors opened. Now, I’m not the world’s craftiest person, but I still enjoy scanning the aisles, imaging what some other, more creative person could do with all the fun craft items. Sigh.

I required that Katelyn also go to Trader Joe’s with me — She’d never been there before! I felt much more at home there, because I could actually imagine what I would do with the ingredients. Maybe I do have some creative blood, after all.

I made it home and threw together an entirely random, yet satisfying lunch.

Consumed: Carrots with hummus for dipping. A few slices of cantaloupe. A banana and peanut butter filled pretzels with almond butter for dipping.

I had just enough time for the lunch to settle before heading out the door for workout #2: my first power pump class at the YMCA!

The reaction? Ah-mah-zing. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a weight lifting routine that I could really devote myself to. But power pump is so fast-paced and so effective that I enjoyed every single minute of the hour-long class. I’m definitely going to try to find a similar class back in Kansas — My muscles will thank me!

After the class, it was all I could do to make it home and pass out on the couch for a great afternoon nap. The subsequent afternoon was also pretty low-key. In fact, nothing notable happened until my mom got home from work and she, my dad and I decided to go out for dinner.

We agreed on Texas Roadhouse, which I always identify with the buckets of peanuts they bring to the tables.

If you want to be technical about it, though, it’s actually a steak place. When I told Dan I was going there for dinner, his first reaction was, “Really? Can you find anything to eat?” Definitely not a strange question — Steak and vegetarianism tend to clash. But I knew that there would still be some good options for me.

Still, I was even pleased to find a very vegetarian friendly option: The country vegetable platter, for which I got to mix and match four side dishes.

Consumed: House salad with a little honey mustard dressing drizzled overtop. Sweet potato, carrots and broccoli and some applesauce.

Being the wild and crazy college student that I am, I just went back home for a night of a little more baking before turning in early. More details to come tomorrow — I don’t want to spoil the semi-surprise for my recipient.

Question: Have you seen any good examples of holiday cheer?


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