After a lazy, sleepy morning, I was pretty clueless about what to make for breakfast. Ultimately I went with a combination of almost everything in the pantry. (Note: I left the black beans behind. I didn’t think those tastes would mesh.)

Consumed: 1/4 C oats cooked with 1/2 C water. Topped with frozen blueberries, Great Harvest granola, almond butter and a side of non-fat blueberry Greek yogurt.

I don’t know whether I should blame it on the sleepy haze I was still in or just my own weirdness, but I’m also clueless as to how I ended up with two spoons…

I spent the remainder of the morning watching Dan and his dad chop a bunch of wood outside. For the record, that’s really not a bad activity as long as I get to watch from the comfort of indoors…

I also worked on my continual scanning of possible venues for the wedding. Believe it or not, I already have the church booked and my dress bought. Still, with a quickly-approaching July 16, 2011 date, I really need to stay on top of the planning.


But, I’m taking the same approach with wedding-related stress as I do with any kind of stress: I get in a good workout and sweat it out!

Today, I talked Dan’s sister into going to the local athletic club with me. One of the greatest things about small towns is that there is a lot of generosity floating around. For example, I got an unlimited winter break pass for just $10. I would have expected to pay that for just one visit!

The only problem was that there were some unfamiliar machines, so I was clueless about what to do. I went with the easy options of some time on the elliptical and treadmill.

It was pretty late by the time Dan’s sister and I made it back home, but instead of getting lunch, I hopped back on the computer for some more wedding research. Somewhere along the way, I ended up eating an easy lunch of an apple and some flatbread with hummus and cheese. I’m just clueless as to why I didn’t snap any pictures.

Here’s the truth: If there is one main thing I’m really, really clueless about, it’s planning a wedding. I’ve never been to a wedding before, let alone had a hand in planning one. Now, with my own wedding at stake, I’m just a little stressed out about getting it all right. I’m not the type to sweat the really small details, but I also want it to be reflective of Dan and me.

So far, I’ve been really lucky to have the support of my mom and Dan’s mom. Still, I know it’s going to be a big learning experience for me… Only I don’t have the chance to get it wrong!

I did step away from it all for a much-needed relaxing and mostly wedding-talk free evening.

Consumed: Vegetable tortilla soup with fresh tortilla chips, cubed avocado and cheese. Served with a side of spring lettuce, hummus and almonds.

To round it all out, I went with some delicious Great Harvest rolls. I swear that place makes no bad products!

After dinner, Dan and I challenged his parents to some card games. In other words, there was a lot of laughing, a lot of good spirits and a lot of fun… All things that remind me why the wedding planning is worth it.

Even if I am clueless about it all.

(BIG, SERIOUS) Questions: Have you ever been to a wedding? Have you ever helped plan a wedding? Do you have any advice?


10 responses to “Clueless

  • CaSaundra

    I can totally relate to your not knowing anything about weddings, so unfortunately I have no tips 😦 I’ve only been to one in my life, and that was last year. They had cupcakes instead of cake and I did think that was really cool instead of cake! Just a thought! 🙂

  • Mandy

    Congrats on the engagement – was it at Crown Center? I got engaged at Crown Center two years ago! Some small advice – if David’s Bridal pisses you off, you want something less generic for bridesmaids, or if you need some decent tailoring, Mia’s Bridal and Tailoring in Olathe is great (although a little slow with the turnaround time) and has good shoes and jewelry/veils/whatever…

  • Stephanie

    First off, congrats!!

    I planned my own wedding a little over 3 years ago (wedding was in November 2008, planning done by February 2008). Once you get the place, everything just kind of falls in order. Most importantly, though, figure out what’s most important to you and Dan and go from there. We did a cake for cutting and cupcakes for dessert. We also did buffet-style food…it just worked out so much better that way (our wedding was SO low key lol.)

    (I got my dress from David’s too, and then my bridesmaids borrowed dresses, since my SIL and my best friend’s colors were the same as mine…I’ve also seen people pick a color and let their bridal party pick their own dresses. Somewhat less stressful.)

  • fitchocoholic

    I know everything will turn out wonderfully!!!!
    That soup looks really good, by the way!

  • whatkateiscooking

    I’ve only been to a few weddings, so I have no advice. But at least you have your dress and venue picked! That seems like it would be the hardest part. Good luck 🙂

  • movesnmunchies

    ah good luck with the wedding planning! I wish I could help!!! oh and I have done the two spoon thing way too many times before too!- I’m always using numerous spoons for all my many toppings that they all go in at once.. oops

  • Jess

    I love weddings!! I have never helped plan, though! I can’t help there, sorry! Good luck, girl!

    That tortilla soup looks SO yummy!

  • fsugirl101

    You already bought your dress AND booked your church!? You’re on top of everything! 🙂 Yes I’ve been to a wedding recently. Although I didn’t help plan everything, I did help her pick certain things out or make a couple decisions. My door is open if you need any help!

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