2010 in review

Happy New Year, friends! I’m a little late, I know. But isn’t it nice to spread out the New Year cheer?

So far, 2011 is off to a great start for me… And I have a feeling it’s only going to get better! Before getting too deep into it, though, it’s nice to look back on all that I experienced in 2010.

I must admit that the year started off with an all-time low for me. My cousin James died on the last day of 2009, so the first few days of the new year were consumed by memorials and a lot of tears. Although I had already lost two grandparents, I was able to reconcile with their deaths’ more easily; they had lived long, full lives, whereas James was just getting started.

As with every dark cloud in life, James’ death made me realize some of my other blessings. Specifically, I finally recognized just how wonderful my big family is. I was blessed to know James during his life and I was blessed to have the loving support of my family in his death.

Fortunately, I also had the remainder of winter break to stabilize myself from the shock of James’ death. Still, going back to school was no easy task: I took on the big job as opinion editor at The University Daily Kansan. Between that role and the demand of classes, my struggles with my eating disorder took a downward turn. Looking back, the things that stick out to me most about the early days of that semester were hours spent at the newspaper and hours spent at the doctor’s office, knowing I needed to gain weight, but fearing that idea at the same time.

That all turned around once and for all when I met Dan in February.

For the first time, I truly learned what it meant to love another…

Right around that time, I started this little ol’ blog. For the first few months, my posts were mostly sporadic and featured my articles from The Kansan. I don’t think I made my real, true debut until May 17, when I opened up with the post “Moving Forward.”

After that point, I was hooked. So, here’s a look-back on highlights from my half-year of blogging.

I only hope the past year brought you as many blessings as it did me. That being said, here’s to an even more amazing year!

Questions: What was 2010 to you? What do you hope to accomplish in 2011?

To me, 2010 was sadness, inner-turmoil, eventual triumph, happiness, love, adventure, accomplishment, self-development and more love. I know that 2011 will be a big year, what with my wedding and everything. My goal is just to keep focused on the big picture and enjoy the ride!



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