Belated resolutions

Waaaaaaaaaaaake up, San Francisco!

It’s another lazy morning for me, which seems to be happening a lot these days. The problem is that those lazy mornings translate into lazy afternoons and lazy evenings. No denying that I’ve made quite a bit of progress in some aspects, but I know that I’ve also been losing focus on some other important parts of my life.

That’s why, four days into January, I’m finally ready to proclaim my resolutions for this year.

1. Strength train! (I cannot emphasize this one enough.)

For all the parts of life that I can remember, I’ve been a runner. Although I love having the ability to fall back on running, that doesn’t mean that other aspects of exercise are any less significant: Running and strength training are not mutually exclusive!

That’s why it’s my goal to do some kind of strength training at least three days a week.

2. Change the way I think about sweets.

No denying it, I love my sweet treats. But I also love being in shape and feeling good about my body.

Although I’ll never, never cut sweets out of my life, I can cut back on them. One way to do this is be more selective in my dessert choices. For example, there’s no use in snacking on M&Ms, so I should just turn them down. Conversely, I should take the time and devote the attention to enjoying better homemade sweets.

Another way to lessen the focus on sweets is to, well, lessen the focus on sweets. If you’ve even taken a swing by my recipe page, you’ve probably noticed the number of treat recipes put the savory recipes to shame. That’s why I plan on developing some more healthy, wholesome, savory recipes.

3. Continue to nurture my relationships.

For obvious reasons, a lot of the time I’ve recently been spending with Dan has been oriented toward the wedding. But although the wedding is one exciting day in our lives, the marriage is forever. That’s why it’s important to me to continue working on our relationship, growing closer and loving each other more.

I’m lucky enough to also have great relationships with friends and family — Those are things I never want to take for granted.

Although the list isn’t long, it is important.

Question: What are your goals this year?


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