Bridesmaids’ invites

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with many meaningful friendships — All of which shaped me in uniquely wonderful ways and all of which I am thankful for. Because of that reason, there were a lot of thoughts running through my head when I faced the task of choosing my bridesmaids.

By making a selection, I wasn’t discrediting the roles that friends have had throughout my life. I was simply celebrating the six girls whom I can’t imagine being without on my wedding day….

Ultimately, I decided to ask the four girls whom I couldn’t have survived high school without and whom I am still close to today.

I also asked my amazing sister to be my maid-of-honor, because I couldn’t image standing at the altar without her near my side. Finally, I asked Dan’s sister — my future sister-in-law — to be a bridesmaids because, although I am just getting to know her, I also look forward to many years of friendship with her.

I was so excited to ask the girls to be my bridesmaids, that it took a lot for me to keep from calling them and immediately asking them. But, I restrained myself enough to take the time and make them all formal invitations…

Although I’m not the artsiest among ’em, I think the all appreciated the effort…

And, although most of them initially (jokingly) said, “Uhm, well, I’m not sure,” they all agreed to be my bridesmaids. Yipee!



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