I’m doing this again?

After finishing my first half-marathon last October, I could have sworn I’d never do one again (or at least for a long, long time). Yet, less than three months later I am already signed up for my next half-marathon — specifically, the Lincoln Half-Marathon on May 1!

So where did I get this sudden enthusiasm from? My mom!

She was there (with my dad) to cheer Dan and me on during the last race…

And now she’s going to be there beside me for a new race!

How cool is that?

In fact, for as long as I can remember, it’s been one of my life goals to run a marathon with my mom. As a four-time marathon veteran, I know she would have what it takes to complete another. But, because we are in different places of our lives at the time, I don’t know whether we’d actually be able to coordinate to run a full-marathon.

But, in my opinion, a half-marathon is the perfect solution!

Also, because the race isn’t until May, I can still spend a few months focusing on my weight training goals, which I believe will also help my running. Win-win, right?

Moving on…

Last night was a quadruple date night with Dan, me, Dan’s best friend, Dan’s best friend’s girl friend, Dan’s parents and Dan’s best friend’s parents. The whole group of us got together at Dan’s parent’s for dinner and then some card games.

Wanting to make a contribution of my own, I whipped up a batch of Angela’s salt-kissed peanut butter sunflower seed and chocolate (and white) chip cookies.

After the late night of cards, it was almost impossible to get me up this morning. If it hadn’t been for the incentives of getting to see Dan and have breakfast, then I think I would have slept all day!

Consumed: Non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt, a sliced banana, a little granola and a spoonful of peanut butter.

Unfortunately, Dan had to leave for work and my breakfast went fast. So, I ended up going back to sleep. I’m loving break, but going back to school’s going to be rough!

A little while after re-stirring it was time for lunch.

Consumed: An apple, some leftover roasted potatoes and half of a whole-grain sandwich with hummus, roasted red peppers and lettuce. Plus an unpictured, leftover cookie for dessert!

A few weeks back, my dad alerted me to a bridal show in Lawrence that was to be held today. I knew that Dan would have to work, but I still wanted to go, so I asked his mom (my future mother-in-law) to come along!

The expo wasn’t too big and I thought it was kind of weird to see models walking around in wedding dresses. But, those things aside, it was still a lot of fun… And now I really want a photo-booth at my reception. Those things are so fun! Plus, I always enjoy spending time with Dan’s mom.

Because we were in Lawrence, Dan’s mom just dropped me off at my apartment after the bridal show. I took advantage of my time by getting in a good workout on the treadmill. Hate them as I do, I must admit that those things save me during the winters! I finished off the workout with some ab work and much-needed stretching.

By the time I showered up, Dan had finished up work and swung by my apartment to pick me up; we had plans for the night! His parents had generously offered us some tickets to a comedy show in Kansas City, so we asked Dan’s best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend along to join us.

I guess the only trade-off is that when you go to a place that specializes in comedy, the food will most-likely suffer. To sum it up, other than fried food, a basic house salad was the only vegetarian thing on the menu.

Consumed: A very “blah” salad.

Instead of topping it off with fried chicken, I talked Dan into splitting some cornbread, which was exponentially better than the salad.

The other good news was that the show was a lot of fun. The opening performer even picked on Dan and me a little bit, after I raised my hand, admitting we were engaged.

More than anything else, it was just fun to get out with friends for a night of something different…

And, considering I might get snowed in tomorrow, it was nice to have such an active today!

Question: Have you ever gone to a live comedy performance?


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