That’s true grit

Wonder of all wonders, the snow stuck around overnight.

Also remarkably, I managed to sleep in la-late even though it was so bright outside. (That would be due to albedo. Thanks freshman year Introduction to Meteorology.) By the time I actually woke up, I was in definite brunch — if not straight-up lunch — territory.

Consumed: One diced apple sprinkled with cinnamon, covered with a paper towel and cooked in the microwave for two minutes. Then stirred with a spoonful of peanut butter and sprinkled with a little granola.

Because I’d already wasted so much of the day with sleep (I hate that feeling), I knew that I had to get straight to some serious wedding-related work. Dan and I are almost positive about our reception site and the caterer. The only problem is that we are yet to finalize the guest list. Very, very seriously, I think that is the most difficult task of the wedding. Of course both Dan and I would love to invite everyone, but there are certain limitations that will prevent us from doing so. Sigh.

Although I am making big attempts to remain laid-back about wedding-planning, conversations about guest lists have serious ways to get under my skin. After a while I’d just had too much and knew I needed to step away from it all for a while. Fortunately, Dan’s mom and sister had some errands to run in Lawrence, so we all decided to run into town and get a break from the home (and wedding planning).

Even though Dan and I also had some business to take care of, there was one main priority on my list: working out.

Okay, sometimes this is hard to explain. But, to put it simply, I need to workout. This isn’t primarily for physical health (although that is a big factor). Instead, working out is my best way to get mental relief — I don’t know how many times I’ve been grumpy, confused, mad or sad before working out and then been suddenly transformed into a happy, sane person after dripping a little sweat.

I am very lucky in the fact that Dan understands and encourages this habit of mine. Still, I know that there are times when people can’t understand my desire to workout. To respond to this,  I’ve developed the ability to be more laid-back about exercising. For example, there are many days that I know working out is not and cannot be the priority, so I’m able to set it aside.

But, come the next day, you can sure bet that I’ll be even more eager to get a workout in…

I digress. In today’s case, Dan and I first took care of the necessary errands. Then, because there was some time to spare, we both got in good, fast treadmill workouts.

We even managed time well enough that we were able to workout, shower and still be ready to meet back up with Dan’s family for dinner at Jade Gardens.

Consumed: Vegetarian’s Delight, light on the sauce with a little extra soy sauce. Served with brown rice.

Because Dan’s dad met everyone in town, there was an extra car. So, after dinner, Dan’s family drove back to their home while Dan and I went over to my apartment to watch the original True Grit – Seriously, how can anyone be better than John Wayne?

Questions: Why do you workout? Have you seen the original or the new True Grit movies?



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