Free time, ugh

Confession: Something about free time stresses me out. This is especially true lately when “free time” automatically becomes “wedding planning time.” That’s because, even for as exciting as planning the wedding is, there is also a certain amount of (personally placed) pressure to get things right.

I’ve never even been to a wedding! How am I supposed to know if it’s wrong to have a clown walk down the aisle before me? (Note: That is an exaggeration. A clown has no place in my wedding, regardless of whether that’s “traditional” or not.)

That’s why, instead of “free time,” I’m working more on creating “structured time without wedding planning.” With that structure, I don’t default to thinking about wedding planning. Instead, I get an excuse to think of other, important things in my life. Such as enjoying dinner with Dan…

Consumed: Pesto Quiche with Oatmeal Crust.

Dan’s love of eggs + My love of pesto = A dish we both swooned over (and devoured).

Aside from eating together, Dan and I have been enjoying other non-wedding activities, such as: working out, spending time with friends, going wall climbing and simply relaxing.

The obvious reasons notwithstanding, there’s no way I could get through this wedding without Dan. He keeps me sane, happy and focused on what’s really important.

But, when Dan leaves, sometimes I revert back to my wedding-frenzied ways…

Good thing I know enough to eat wholesome, nutrient-filled food, which helps keep my attitude up!

Plus, there’s something so right about watching the Jayhawks rout the Texas Longhorns.

I promise, I won’t even pick up a wedding magazine.

Question: What do normal people do during free time?

Side note: Thomas Robinson, one of the top forwards for KU basketball, is playing this game even though his 38-year-old mother died suddenly last night. What’s more, he had both a grandmother and grandfather die within the last month. If that’s not strength, I don’t know what is!

16 responses to “Free time, ugh

  • theamazonprincess

    I totally get this. My “free-time” has to be structured or else I facebook stalk. I realize this is nothing like wedding planning, but I’ve gotten really good at it. 😉

  • Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    I’m not quite sure what free time is anymore and for the same reason – wedding planning. Though I have to admit, that sometimes, it’s really fun. My Fiance and I have been doing the planning on Saturday mornings. We curl up on the couch on or bed and browse the internet, looking for ideas, ordering details, and coming up with a vision. Doing it in little spurts definitely helps with the stress.

  • Jess@atasteofconfidence

    Ah I know how you feel. Whenever I am free, I feel like there is something I should be doing!

  • fitchocoholic

    I bake during my free time….have to be doing something! Sitting around for too long drives me crazy!

  • Joanne

    We do have to allow ourselves some free time that is totally and completely “free”… doing nothing and enjoying it.
    My heart goes out to Thomas Robinson. I can’t imagine the grief. I am sure his mother is very proud of him.

  • Maryann

    I am with you! I need structure in my life…or else I am so not productive. Making a list helps!

  • Holley

    I like to read during my non-existent free time (and not my textbooks. My brain needs a break!). But this usually turns into a bad thing because I get sucked into my book and NOTHING else gets done because it’s always “one more chapter” and that usually turns into 10 more.

  • kissmybroccoli

    Don’t stress so much! This is YOUR special day and who cares what is traditional or not! If you want a clown to walk down the aisle before you making balloon animals for everyone, so be it! Haha! I’d like to place an order for a giraffe!

    My free time is usually sucked away, I mean spent, blog reading! Or baking! Love to bake. I spent practically the WHOLE day yesterday baking cinnamon raisin bread! Turned out incredible!

  • Mandy

    Nothing will be “wrong” for the wedding, as long as it’s what YOU want!

  • movesnmunchies

    ahahahh oh dear! you have got a full plate… my free time consists of blogging, reading magazines and tv!

  • Carolyn

    I do absolutely nothing during my free time – I admire people who fill their free time with cooking and yoga and self-exploration and stuff like that. The most productive thing I do is read a book. Somehow I’ve managed to escape that black hole that is wedding planning to the extent that I basically haven’t thought about it for a month…oops.

    And do whatever you want for your wedding! Don’t worry about precedent – it’s your day. And honestly, I’d find it a bit refreshing if someone had the humility and sense of humour on their wedding day to have a clown walk them down the aisle – it is supposed to be fun! Though I can understand a family member might offer a bit more emotional support! lol

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  • CaSaundra

    I bake or clean alot during my free time. I really don’t have alot though, which is kinda how I like it. I drive myself nuts with lots of it haha. Love the sounds of that quiche too 🙂

  • christina

    i just saw that magazine at the store and i’m not even engaged and was tempted to buy it! love that cover, haha.

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