Style status report

Exactly one month ago, Dan and I were on what I thought was an ordinary date at Crown Center in Kansas City. First, we enjoyed a nice dinner and spent some time strolling under the Christmas lights. Then, just as we got away from the crowds, Dan got down on one knee

The details of what happened after that are a little fuzzy to me. What I do know is that he asked if I would marry him and I said, “I think I can do that,” which is also what I said when he first asked if I’d be his girlfriend. I quickly responded a little more affirmatively, by saying, “I know I can do that.”

I spent the rest of the night making frenzied, excited calls to family and reminding myself that I was actually engaged.

As of the next morning, though, the wedding planning was on.

Since that time, I’ve made a lot of wedding-planning progress, even in spite of my occasional stress. Here’s my style status report:

Wedding Rings: My ring design is absolutely perfect — The perfect blend of elegance and simplicity.

The only adjustment that needed to be made was slightly resizing it. The week after getting engaged, Dan and I went back to the jeweler where he’d purchased the ring. While my ring was getting resized, we looked at some potential wedding bands for him.

I was actually surprised with how many options there are for guys wedding bands — There is everything from skull-adorned black bands to more classic gold and silver bands. Ultimately, Dan and I both agreed on a simple white-gold band that will match the color of mine.

Also, instead of adding another wedding band to my ring, we decided to do personalized engravings on the inside of each others rings.

Wedding Dress: I wasn’t exactly planning on buying a dress from the first shop I visited. But, when I put on an A-line, lacy stunner, I knew my searching was complete.

With the dress checked off the list, the next step is figuring out how to accessorize it. That means deciding on:

  • Veil: I want to go with a cathedral-length veil for the ceremony.
  • Shoes: No clue. I would like some kind of fun color or design, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten…
  • Jewelry: Also no clue. I’ll probably look for a necklace and some earrings.
  • Hair: Still deciding whether I’d like an up-do or not. Either something like this…

Or like this…

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: I have gorgeous bridesmaids, so I know they’ll look great in whatever. Still, I wanted to choose something that would flatter all their figures.

The biggest challenge here is that most of my ‘maids are in Nebraska while I am back in Kansas for school. Fortunately, Dan’s sister, Claire, was willing to go shopping with me one day and serve as my dress model.

My original plan with the dresses was to choose two or three options so that the girls could wear different styles (with the same color). However, when it got down to the nitty-gritty details, I realized that might actually be hard to pull off. Instead, I decided to go with just one style that I think will look fantastic on all the girls…

Style notes: The dress will actually be strapless and the color will be an olive-like green. I also want the hem to be cut just above the knee. I’m looking for a black band for the girls to wear as a belt. I’ll also let the girls choose their own black, strappy shoes.

In spite of my occasional griping, I’m really enjoying every step of the planning process. Crazy to think how much more I’ll have done a month from now!

Questions: If you are married, did the season of the wedding have much influence? If you’re not married, what season would you like to have the wedding?

My wedding is in the peak of summer, so I know it’s important to keep things light and airy. For example, the bridesmaids’ dresses are chiffon so that the girls won’t swelter!


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