School rules (my life)

You know those dark mornings? Well, I’m still working on getting used to it…

Consumed: 1/4 C oats mixed with non-fat blueberry Greek yogurt and topped with frozen blueberries. Left in fridge overnight. Topped in the morning with a bit of granola and small scoop of sunflower seed butter.

Unlike yesterday’s practice run, today I actually had to keep things moving so that I would get to classes on time. Guess I underestimated my abilities to get ready, because not only did I pull myself together, but I even had time to saute up some mushrooms and onions for my lunch!

And, let me tell you, nothing goes better with breakfast than the smell of sautéing vegetables…


The real perk was that while my veggies were sauteing low-and-slow, I had time to snap a couple “first day of winter semester of junior year of college” pictures.

Almost all set and ready to go — If you ignore the below freezing temperatures…

That’s better!

I’ll be nice and spare you all the syllabus-giving details, but I will mention that I’m really excited about my classes this semester. It’s going to be an interesting test with how disciplined I am, but I think the interesting subject matter will help keep me inspired (which is always more of a challenge during spring semester).

The other challenge is that, because my classes are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, those days are pretty long. To keep sane, I have to take breaks when I can get them — Even if that means consuming lunch during a short break in the journalism resource center!

Consumed: Spring salad with dollop of hummus and some of the aforementioned sautéed veggies. Served with half a sunflower seed butter on whole grain sandwich, an apple and a chocolate cookie.

Two long, long classes later, I was free for the afternoon evening. That’s the thing about these days, they go by slowly when I am in class, but then I look back and the day’s all done with!


That just means that I got to move straight onto dinner.

Consumed: Homemade tomato soup with a few crumbled croutons. Served with a side of whole grain bread, which was topped with sautéed veggies.

After dinner was the real highlight of the day, when Dan came over to watch the Kansas vs. Colorado basketball game. Especially because we both had long days at school, it was nice to sit back, relax, have some Moose Tracks ice cream and enjoy a Jayhawk win (albeit a close one)!

We were both pretty wiped out, but we did have the energy to look at some possible honeymoon options. Currently we are leaning toward a Caribbean cruise, but aren’t entirely sure where to start. What we know is that we love being active (hiking, swimming, biking, etc.) but also like the chance to dress up for nice dinners… Any suggestions?

Questions: If you are married, what did you do on your honeymoon? If you’re not married, what would be your dream honeymoon?


10 responses to “School rules (my life)

  • movesnmunchies

    ooo my dream honeymoon??? it would have to be thrilling! i am not one to just lougne around at some resort… i would want to go to a GIANT THEME PARK everyday.. hahah thats a TERRIBLE honeymoon i realize

  • fitchocoholic

    my dream honeymoon would be on a nice, quiet beach somewhere! =P
    Breakfast looks good! Want me to send some 95-degree Brazilian weather your way?

  • Alaina

    My husband and I went to Napa Valley for our honeymoon. We went in November so it wasn’t warm enough to swim, but we went hiking, tasted wine and even went to San Francisco for the day. We had such a great time! 🙂

  • adventuresofpretendcook

    The cruise sounds awesome.

    For our honeymoon, my husband and I flew to London for a few days and then we took the train to Paris for several days. Talk about an active vacation! It seemed like every monument in Paris required hundreds of stairs to get to the top. Definitely got my exercise in . . . and the views were spectacular!

  • Jess

    I want my honeymoon to be really relaxing- lots of beaches and cuddlin 🙂

  • Lisa @ Treadmill Runner/HealthyHokie

    Your soups look amazing in the past few posts! Your healthiness is quite impressive considering you are in college. I think back to my college years, and well, “healthy” isn’t exactly how I would describe them. So the more power to you! Do you exercise? If yes, what do you do and do you ever post on it? Thanks! Lisa

    • pursuitofhealthfulness

      I workout almost every day (which probably averages out to six days a week), with most of those workouts including some running. I wrote about my training schedules last fall when I completed a half-marathon, but I don’t usually post about the day-to-day details unless it’s just too exciting to skip!

      P.S. I really appreciate the treadmill in the winter!

  • Maryann

    My dream honeymoon…somewhere tropical with a great beach at my doorstep and lots of delicious food!

  • CaSaundra

    You’re so adorable! Love the first day of the semester outfit 🙂 I would really want to go to Italy or Australia for a honeymoon. Although my cousin and her fiance just went to Jamaica and wow–it looked amazing!! They are outdoorsy too, so they did alot of outdoor excursions for relatively cheap!

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