Can’t we compromise?

Tonight, I was faced with a real dilemma: Write a full, passionate blog-post that did justice to my exciting day OR finish reading Descartes’ “Discourse on Method.”

I thought about it. I considered the options. I even turned to a real source in solving dilemmas…

Which is also known as my homework for a journalism class titled, “Ethics and Media.”

But, when neither Immanuel Kant nor John Stuart Mills’ philosophies satisfied me, I decided to go with my own favorite philosophy: Follow your heart, but aim for compromise.

That’s why I’m speeding through this little post with the intention of still getting to reading. Ready, set, GO!


Trust me, there is more deliciousness to this little gem than meets they eye. Then again, what could possibly be bad about combining my two favorite types of meals: breakfast + cookies. (You don’t participate in the standard “cookie meal?” What a pity…)

Consumed: 1/3 C oats mixed with ~1 T sunflower seed butter and ~1/8 C milk. All was crumbled together and formed into a patty shape. Topped with a little jelly and frozen blueberries. Then, all was left in the fridge overnight and topped with a sprinkle of granola in the morning.

Workout: I met up with my friend Mandy to go to the gym

  • Speed-walk a warmup (~1 mile)
  • Jog (~1.5 miles)
  • Leg strength: squats, lunges, leg press, etc.
  • Abdominal strength: straight and lateral sit-ups with a medicine ball, plank, extensions with an exercise ball, etc.
  • Cool-down walk (~.5 miles)

Snack: I got done with workout with about two hours left until lunchtime — I just knew I couldn’t wait that long! So, I opted for a “just right” balance of carbs and a little protein (from the soy milk)…

Consumed: Small bowl of Kashi “Heart to Heart” cinnamon cereal with soy milk.

Lunch: Even with my snack, by the time lunch rolled around I was ready to eat!

Consumed: Two slices of whole-grain bread with roasted red pepper hummus. Served with sides of brussels sprouts and non-fat blueberry yogurt with a little granola (I’m a crunch addict!).

Without a doubt, the best part of the meal was the brussels sprouts, which I made by steaming a sauce-free package, then dressing the sprouts with a little olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. Love, love, love.

Sadly, as part of my compromise, I’ll have to save the exciting second-half of my day until later. Be sure to check back!

Question: What kind of compromises do you make in your life?

As much as I don’t love admitting it, I sometimes compromise a little study-time for other parts of life (working out, time with friends, blogging, etc). I’ve made it through so far, though!

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